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Questions on all aspects of Ohio State football, playoff games

Questions on all aspects of Ohio State football, playoff games’s Steve Helwagen hosted his weekly Tuesday night chat on The Front Row message board. Check out the archive below.

Programming Note: Steve will once again be on Ohio State Buckeyes Live, an hour-long webcast of OSU football at 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Check The Front Row for the video window to watch after 11am on Wednesday.

Boarding house: If Satterfield leaves for Cincinnati, does that help Owens and me?

Hellcar: This is a great question. In fact, being a Texas kid, he might want to consider Cincinnati and play in the Big 12, which has several Texas teams. It can’t hurt OSU’s case to get him to take a look and maybe change his language.

Brighton Buck: Steve, what positions would you like to strengthen through the plug and play transfer portal from day one?

Hellcar: Without a doubt, cornerback, tackle and defense. These are the big three. Then from there, maybe running back to the depth of reinforcement. Maybe a quarterback for more competition. These are big.

Papa Joe’s 92: 1. Can you straight up ask Ryan Day why Dalan Haden didn’t play (mostly) against scumbags? 2. Day’s tone, when asked about JSN, screamed that he wasn’t going to play and would announce it in the “next few days.” Why announce it to Georgia at all? 3. I’ve been shocked that Hicks has gotten very little PT at LB this season, but more importantly – what’s the word on his injury? (long term or short term?) 4. Any good hiring news since we snuck in? 5. Who do you have?

Hellcar: 1. The other day he answered questions for 25 minutes, but it was not. Great, great question, it could have changed the color of the game if some of Traianum’s 3 and 4 yard gains were 10 and 15 yard gains with a faster back.

2. Obviously he knew it would come out and there would be no secret to keep.

3, No word on his injury, who he would be playing in front of. Chambers and Eichenberg were largely out of the world. The unofficial word is a long rehab for Hicks, but I don’t know for sure.

4. I don’t know the good news about hiring, Bill is having a chat tomorrow too so sign up there

5, Maybe Georgia, but I have to sit down and watch them, they gave up 502 passing yards to LSU – not good for them.

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