“I don’t think he’s doing anything I can’t do”

“I don’t think he’s doing anything I can’t do”

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Quarterback guru Tom House recently named USC quarterback Caleb Williams as the second coming Patrick Mahomes. Williams disagrees with that assessment.

“It’s pretty cool, I would say, because everybody watches Patrick and sees all the cool things he can do,” Williams said, via CBS Sports Radio’s Zach Gelb . “Even in high school I always said I didn’t think there was anything, of course it’s special, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do that he is doing it there.”

Williams will be eligible to enter the NFL draft in 2024. He might be one of the smoothest players in league history.

Former (and future) NFL coach Sean Payton recently called Williams “a.”player of the generation,” he added, adding that Williams could be the player who helps spark the draft lottery. He could also be the next player to do what John Elway and Eli Manning did. But that will be a topic for another post.

Caleb Williams on Patrick Mahomes comparison: ‘I don’t think he’s doing anything I can’t do’ appeared at the beginning Speech for football

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