Sean McVay on Liam Coe Leaving: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Official Yet’

Sean McVay on Liam Coe Leaving: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Official Yet’

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Rams offensive coordinator Liam Coen he seems to be making a lateral move to the University of Kentucky. It’s an odd development, especially since Rams coach Sean McVay’s tenure as offensive coordinator has become a gateway to becoming an NFL head coach.

On Friday, McVay was asked about the report Coen is returning to Kentucky, where he worked before joining the Rams.

“We’ve talked about that being a possibility,” McVay said. “I don’t think anything is official yet. But if that is the direction, then it will do a great job as before. He and I have a great relationship, no matter how it ends. He will do a great job with us this year. Then, if it’s the direction he chooses, I know he’ll do a great job there.”

So it looks like Coen, if he does go, will finish the season with the Rams. In four more games, the Rams would run the table barring some unexpected development and go 8-9 good enough to get into the playoff field.

And it’s still strange that Coen turned down the offensive coordinator job with the Rams to return to the same job at a “B” (at best) college program.

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