1 perfect MLB trade Philadelphia needs to make

1 perfect MLB trade Philadelphia needs to make

The Philadelphia Phillies made it known that they would be aggressive this offseason after reaching the 2022 World Series earlier. fall short against the Houston Astros. And indeed, they’ve made some big moves that make it more likely they could find their way back there in the 2023 season.

The Phillies’ big move this offseason involved shoring up the left side of their infield by signing star shortstop Trea Turner to a big $300 million deal. Philadelphia has also bolstered its pitching staff bring boys like Taijuan Walker and Matt Strahm, and it certainly looks like they’ll be fighting for a championship again next season.

There’s still work to be done for the Phillies, though, and they could wrap up their offseason to-do list with this massive trade. Let’s take a look at what this trade is all about and see why it would be so beneficial for Philadelphia in their quest to not only get back to the World Series in 2023, but win it this time.

The Phillies are perfect in the offseason

Acquires Pablo Lopez from the Miami Marlins

The Phillies’ pitching staff played a big role in their unexpected run to the World Series last season. Zach Wheeler and Aaron Nola were the most dominant duo in the league in October, and without them leading the way, Philadelphia wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did. But the depth behind them was also just as crucial.

Ranger Suarez was the ever-important third starter who came in behind these guys and managed to make his mark. Zach Eflin was also great in his do-it-all role, but left to sign with the Tampa Bay Rays. Walker could realistically replace him in the starting rotation, but it looks like the Phillies could use another starter to round out their rotation.

They could technically sign a cheaper free agent to fill that tight end spot, or they could turn it over to Bailey Falter, who was solid last season. But given all the improvements their division rival in the New York Mets has made, it seems like Philadelphia needs to make a big move to match him at this point. That’s why trading for Pablo L√≥pez would make a lot of sense for the Phillies.

Lopez found himself stuck in the shadow of Miami Marlins ace Sandy Alcantara last season, which makes sense based solely on how well Alcantara looks in 2022. But Lopez isn’t backing down, and with most of the top starters off the free agent market. , makes Lopez an even more tempting trade target for Philadelphia.

Lopez had a complete campaign in 2022 (10-10, 3.75 ERA, 174 K, 1.17 WHIP) showing he can hold his own as a secondary starter for an entire season. Before 2022, Lopez had never made more than 21 starts in a season, so seeing him make 32 starts was especially encouraging.

As more and more starters leave the free agent market, Lopez’s value continues to rise. The Marlins aren’t sure if they’ll trade him or not, but they’re getting calls on him, and you usually don’t if you’re going to hold onto a player. Lopez will be available at the right price, and that’s a price Philadelphia should be more than willing to pay.

Lopez isn’t the star that his partner in crime Alcantara is, but he can hold his own as a second or third starter in a rotation. And the truth is, the Phillies don’t really need him to be an ace. As we mentioned earlier, the duo of Wheeler and Nola is one of the best in the league, and that would allow Lopez to easily get behind them.

Still, Lopez has shown plenty of upside early in his career. He posted a 3.07 ERA in his 20 starts in the 2021 season, so there’s a chance he can improve on his 2022 numbers for the Phillies. And even if he doesn’t, Lopez will only be 27 next season and is under team control through the 2024 season.

Lopez would be the perfect match for Philadelphia at New York’s expense this offseason. The Phillies were the last team to sit in the crowded NL East, but that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically win the division in 2023. Philadelphia has already made big moves to stay with their competition or ahead of his, and adding Lopez could be the final piece of the Phillies’ puzzle in their quest to win a title next season.

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