Looking ahead to the Cowboys’ contract decisions for the next few years

Looking ahead to the Cowboys’ contract decisions for the next few years

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Since signing an extension in 2019, a lot of ink has been spilled over Ezekiel Elliott’s contract. Elliott saw that he was being thrown into the ground and capitalized on his importance to the team before it adversely affected his productivity. (at the time) RB contract in NFL history.

Elliott, at the time, was the face of the franchise, not the Dallas quarterback who struggled mightily through the first half of last season (for good reason, he had no weapons). Now things have changed. Elliott shares the backfield with Tony Pollard, and despite the fact that the majority of Cowboys Nation compliment each other (such as Elliott leading the NFL in 3rd/4th down and 1 conversion rate and Pollard leading the league in yards per load), if available. still to be discussed.

Elliott has a huge 2023 cap hit ($16.7 million) and Pollard is a free agent.

I have already gone to great lengths to identify what I believe to be the best way forward.

Elliott’s restructuring saves more money than the release, and Pollard’s new deal should put both around $7 million a year. Read more about it here.

Not everyone agrees with this plan, of course. Some want to keep Pollard alone, others want Dallas to not invest and only draft in replacements. That may seem silly for a team where the run game is so important to the team’s success, but beyond that, there’s another thing to consider.

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