NFL Playoff Picture: How the Eagles could soon clinch the NFC’s No. 1 seed

NFL Playoff Picture: How the Eagles could soon clinch the NFC’s No. 1 seed

Can you believe there are only four games left in the 2022 NFL regular season? Time flies when you’re having fun. And Philadelphia Eagles fans aren’t having fun seeing their team go to a 12-1 record after a dominating win. New York Giants.

Week 14 was almost a perfect scenario for the Eagles Dallas Cowboys almost lost Houston Texans. Unfortunately, the worst team in the NFL blew a chance to take a 10-point lead late in the fourth quarter with a turnover down the field. Still, a relatively shaky performance by a Dallas team that some have pointed out is better than the Birds.

the eagles did Get some help on Sunday Detroit Lions stirring Minnesota Vikings. Everyone should have known the Lions were winning as soon as Jalen Reagor secured the victory for the Vikings before the game. With the loss, Minny essentially fell three games behind Philly due to the head-to-head tie.

So the Eagles now have a pretty straight path to first place. NFC playoff photo.

With road wins Chicago Bears The Cowboys in Week 15 and Week 16, the Eagles can get home-field advantage with two games left to play. The Dallas game looks like it will be a tough battle in the NFC East, but betting against the Birds right now would be reckless.

The Eagles don’t NEED to beat the Cowboys to finish with the No. 1 seed. Even if they lose to Dallas, they will be able to control their way to the top spot with a win New Orleans Saints in Week 17 and the New York Giants (again) in Week 18. Both of those games are in Philly. And they won’t have to win both if Dallas loses any of its non-Eagles games: at Jacksonville (help your old team out, Dougie P!), at Tennessee and at Washington. It’s entirely possible they leave at least one of them at home if they narrowly lose to the TEXANS.

But worrying about what will happen if the Eagles lose is talking loser. This team has earned the right to fully believe that people will win their next two games. And from there, the Eagles look very dangerous entering the postseason with home field advantage and a first-round bye. The playoff run at The Linc will be just two wins Super Bowl.

Very exciting to think about.


1 – Philadelphia Eagles: 12-1 (clinched playoff spot)
2 – Minnesota Vikings: 10-3
3 – San Francisco 49ers: 9-4
4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6-7
5 – Dallas Cowboys: 10-3
6 – Washington Commanders: 7-5-1
7 – New York Giants: 7-5-1

Hunting: Seattle Seahawks 7-6, Detroit Lions 6-7, Green Bay Packers 6-8, Carolina Panthers 5-8, Atlanta Falcons 5-8

Meanwhile, in another speech…


1 – Buffalo Bills: 10-3
2 – Kansas City Chiefs: 10-3
3 – Baltimore Ravens: 9-4
4 – Tennessee Titans: 7-6
5 – Cincinnati Bengals: 9-4
6 – Miami Dolphins: 8-5
7 – Los Angeles Chargers: 7-6

Hunting: New York Jets 7-6, New England Patriots 6-6, Jacksonville Jaguars 5-8

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