Jean Segura is worth scouting for a short-term deal

Jean Segura is worth scouting for a short-term deal

The Detroit Tigers have been quiet in the free agent market. Besides reuniting with an old friend in Matthew Boyd, the Tigers haven’t done anything. Sure, there was one trade with the Braus who sent Joe Jimenez to Atlanta in exchange for two prospects.

But, the Detroit Tigers haven’t quite addressed some of the needs that have opened up this offseason. The Tigers have been rumored to be considering a reassignment of Jonathan Schoop. Schoop is slated to be moved to third base if the Tigers want to turn things around.

He can be versatile, which helps, but he’s gotten used to second base. With the shift ban, Schoop could drop to third. It’s hard to justify a move to third when he almost took home a Gold Glove in 2022.

But, if the Tigers were to move him to third base, they would need to add a second baseman to fill the void. So why not consider it Jean Segura? It might mean bringing in another player on the wrong side of 30 with Segura at 32, but there are ways to make a profit.

Segura was chasing a World Series title with the Philadelphia Phillies organization, created by Dave Dombrowski, who made things work this fall. He has been in Philadelphia for the last four seasons keeping things in the infield.

In 2022, Segura played in 98 games where he slashed .277/.336/.387 with nine doubles and ten home runs with 33 RBI. He would bring an impactful right-handed bat to the lineup, with some versatility in the field.

Segura can play shortstop or second base, similar to Schoop. With any luck, Segura might be able to log some time at third base. If not, Ryan Kreidler will be looking to bat. The point is that there are options, and Segura is a piece that brings benefits.

Again, this all depends on Schoop moving to third, which the Tigers appear to be weighing internally. But right now, the ball hit to third base will be fielded by Ryan Kreider, and that’s not the best option for the team. He deserves time but isn’t ready to be an everyday starter.

Segura brings a veteran presence and could help this team’s offense get off to a good start in 2023. Being able to add to the lineup will only help the Tigers manufacture runs and try to take steps in the right direction.

While it looks like a 2.0 rebuild, the team should expect to try to make small adjustments to move in the right direction. If he’s not a veteran like Segura, the Tigers will have to rely on young players, which may stunt the growth of some prospects.

He may not be the most intriguing name, but the Tigers should at least consider Segura.

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