Patriots WR Nelson Agholor calls for stoppage as spectators appear to miss DeVante Parker’s head injury

Patriots WR Nelson Agholor calls for stoppage as spectators appear to miss DeVante Parker’s head injury

Nelson Agholor called for the game to be suspended on Monday after spectators appeared to have missed a head injury New England Patriots team member DeVante Parker.

The incident happened late in the first quarter on Monday Arizona Cardinals. Parker caught a pass on second down Mac Jones, and his head hit the grass when they tackled him. He stood, and his knees buckled as he gathered to his feet. He appeared dazed once he stood up.

The Patriots lined up in a hurry for the ensuing first down, as it wasn’t clear Parker kept control of the ball through the catch. Agholor lined up in the slot with Parker out to his left. He glared at Parker, then began waving his arms furiously, apparently calling for the game to be stopped.

Officials eventually stopped the clock, but only for a Cardinals catch challenge.

At halftime in the game, Parker left the field for the Patriots locker room. This was announced later by the nationalists Parker was ruled out with a head injury. Officials upheld the ruling on the catchment area.

Spotters apparently missed this one

The NFL uses expert spotters to identify when a player may sustain a head injury and Updated concussion protocols to protect players who show motor instability after a mid-season head injury. Update entered answer Tua Tagovailoasuffered back-to-back head injuries, the second of which landed him in the hospital after a Week 4 collision. Cincinnati Bengals. Tagovailoa returned to action in Week 3 Buffalo Bills after showing motor instability due to a blow to the head.

Onlookers seemed to miss Parker’s head injury on Monday, but Agholor’s did not. Ultimately, a Cardinals challenge left him playing another hit and risking further injury.

DeVante Parker had to be helped off the field after a hit to the head against the Cardinals. (AP Photo/Darryl Webb)

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