Boston Scott of the Eagles plays the bulk of his role as a kick returner

Boston Scott of the Eagles plays the bulk of his role as a kick returner

As the Eagles’ third-string running back, Boston Scott’s chances on offense are hit or miss at times.

So it has had an impact in another area.

About a month ago, the Eagles gave Scott a chance to return kickoffs and he has become a difference maker as a return man.

“I’m enjoying it,” Scott said. “I’m happy to be able to contribute.”

Scott, of course, pointed out multiple times that he’s just one of 11 players on that kick return unit and that all of them are needed to reap big returns. But it’s Scott who has the ball in his hands and Scott who has one of the highest average returns in the NFL.

After a 66-yard punt return against the Giants two weeks ago and a 58-yard punt return at Chicago last week, Scott has now returned 12 kicks for 337 yards (28.1) over the past four games.

His average of 28.1 yards per return ranks second in the NFL among players with at least 10 attempts.

“It’s just blocking the details,” said receiver Zach Pascal, who blocks the kick return. “I don’t know at the beginning of the season. I know we’re picking things up at the perfect time right now to get to the playoffs. Boston is making plays every week. We try to do our part to keep going.”

While Britain Covey has found his groove as a punt returner, he averaged just 20.6 yards per punt return this season. He ranks 29th among players with at least 10 attempts.

Earlier in the season, special teams coordinator Michael Clay said they went to Scott to give him “juice” and that certainly worked.

Of course, it’s not all about the returner, but the Eagles have clearly found their way with Scott there. And after two big laps in the last two weeks they have scored points.

“I feel like it takes time to develop that synergy in a unit like the starting running back because it’s gotten progressively harder over the course of the year,” Scott said. “I feel like I was on the same page and all the guys were doing their job.”

New rules in the NFL and kickers with bigger legs have certainly made it harder to get big returns on kicks in the modern era.

For example, the Eagles’ record for punt returns in a season is held by Allen Rossum, who had 54 in 1999. This year, the Eagles are on pace for the under-33s through a 17-game season.

“It’s a tough game,” Scott said. “In the early days, you could put two offensive linemen together, tell them to scream as loud as they can and run. Whoever gets in your way, take them to the ground. But it’s not like that anymore. It’s 1-on1-s. You get double teams in the scheme. here and there but it’s hard.

“There’s a lot of room for coverage teams to make moves and turns and all kinds of plays happen. Whenever the big plays happen, it’s a unit thing. It’s not just any person or person.”

Scott said it’s much harder to use his vision on kickoffs than as a runner. At least on an offensive play, because he understands how to block and the numbers are more manageable.

In a free-for-all, one more free-for-all can be converted and there can be up to 10 at once. It is difficult to react to all this. But he was good at it.

What makes him so good at kicking returns?

“You have to use your speed, trust the scheme and try to make something happen,” Scott said. “I don’t want to give away too much of our gold. But you have to use your speed and be deceptive.”

Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.

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