Steph Curry and Draymond congratulate Damian Lillard on Trail Blazers record

Steph Curry and Draymond congratulate Damian Lillard on Trail Blazers record

When the Portland Trail Blazers honored Damian Lillard as the franchise’s all-time leading scorer on Monday night, the NBA star also received congratulations from Warriors greats. Steph Curry and Draymond Green.

Lillard broke Clyde Drexler’s franchise mark of 18,040 points on Dec. 19 when Portland fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and on Tuesday, the point guard already has 18,115 points since being drafted by the Trail Blazers in 2012.

Both Curry and Green participated in a video with other NBA players congratulating Lillard on his historic achievement.

“Yo, Dame DOLLA,” Curry said, referring to Lillard’s rap name. “Congratulations on becoming the all-time leading scorer for the Portland Trail Blazers franchise. Amazing accomplishment, man. I know we’ve had a lot of battles and it’s been amazing to see you thrive in your career.

“Many more points, success and keep it up all over the city of Portland and organization, man. Congratulations.”

Curry knows all too well the feeling Lillard is experiencing after becoming Golden State’s all-time leading scorer on April 12, 2021, when he broke Wilt Chamberlain’s previous one franchise-best 17,783 points. Today, Curry has scored 20,843 points with the Warriors.

While Green isn’t one of Golden State’s most prolific scorers, he does hold the franchise record for most triple-doubles with 31 during his Warriors career. The veteran striker has a long friendship with Lillard, and their closeness was evident in Green’s congratulatory message.

“Woman DOLLA, what’s wrong, my brother? Oh man,” Green said. “All-time leading scorer for an entire franchise. Crazy for a kid from Oakland, Calif., who was never supposed to make it in this league, who was never highly recruited, moves on to Weber State and becomes a top 10 pick.

“And then you turn to the Portland Trail Blazers, and from day one, we came into this league together, from day one, you’ve been dominant and you’ve been a special player. See you 11 years later still with the same uniform, still dominant, but at an even higher level than you were then. It’s extremely incredible.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to play against you. Kinda sucks that we had to catch a bunch of these points, my brother, but I’m happy for you nonetheless. keep going Our friendship has meant the world to me, and to see you continue to be as successful as you are, so special and couldn’t happen to a better person, my brother. Congratulations.”

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While Curry, Green and Lillard have had their fair share of jaw-dropping on the court over the years, it’s clear that there’s an intangible respect between the NBA legends.

And now, all three are in the record books for eternity, until perhaps the next great franchise players come along.

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