The NFL is swirling around Tua Tagovailoa’s latest head injury

The NFL is swirling around Tua Tagovailoa’s latest head injury

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People paid to spot potential head trauma at NFL games didn’t (again) do their job. The NFL is circling the wagons (again) in its efforts to convince fans and the media that all is well.

Appearing on NFL Network (this isa league outlet that doesn’t naturally tend to ask tough questions of its colleagues), NFL medical director Allen Sills defended the handling of the Dolphins quarterback. Tua Tagovailoathe last blow

Because of course he did.

“What our audience and our non-affiliated neuro-physicians are looking for is any blow that transmits force to the head or neck area, after that injury behaviorSills said, via Jason Owens of Yahoo Sports. despite being in contact with the doctors throughout. So there was nothing that would trigger the protocol at this point.”

The reality that the specific player/patient history has had to force a concussion evaluation during the game is a clever way to tiptoe after Tua hits the turf. Whether or not anyone noticed any symptoms during the game is one thing. Whether someone has noticed a bump on the head or not a simple examination of Tua’s side to look for any symptoms is another.

Dr. Sills is actually adept at navigating his way through the potential landmines that lurk after such a situation. With confidence and authority, he can say what needs to be said, everything seems to be handled properly. Even if it wasn’t.

In this case, the issue is not whether Tua should have been put on record. Whether he should have made a proper assessment based on when his head hit the grass.

Clearly something happened to Tua. A day later, he had enough symptoms to land on the protocol. Dr. Sills’ comments gloss over the simple reality that maybe, just maybe, someone should be keeping a close eye on Tua during the game, not after.

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