What you need to know about the Japanese star Munetaka Murakami

What you need to know about the Japanese star Munetaka Murakami

Well, according to Murakami’s contract with the swallows, it’s back to NPB. After capping off his 2022 career in mind-boggling fashion, he landed a three-year deal. The contract, worth 600 million yen (roughly $4.5 million a year), keeps Murakami in Tokyo until 2025. After that, it will be officially released for MLB clubs to come together and make offers .

Understandably, Swallows president Tsuyoshi Kinugasa isn’t too fond of the idea of ​​losing Murakami to the MLB.

“It would be a big blow for our club” Kinugasa said in December, according to The Mainichi. “But he’s a treasure in the baseball world. I’m sure baseball fans in Japan want to see him play in the majors.”

However, Murakami has made his vision clear.

“Of course I want to try (the MLB),” Murakami said, by CBS Sports. “I don’t know how old I’ll be, but I’m still young, so the sooner the better. It will involve discussions with (the Swallows), but if I can go, I want to go soon.”

Murakami will be 25 years old when he is eligible to sign a contract of any size with an MLB team. Any deal worth more than $50 million will have to include a 15% posting fee for the swallows.

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