DeMar DeRozan rallies Bulls after Grayson Allen’s ‘over-success’

DeMar DeRozan rallies Bulls after Grayson Allen’s ‘over-success’

CHICAGO — bulls guard DeMar DeRozan questioned what he considered an “over-success” of the Milwaukee BucksGrayson Allen during Chicago’s third quarter 119-113 overtime win on Wednesday night.

With just under seven minutes left in the third quarter, Allen was trying to set a screen Wesley Matthews when he was fouled by the Bulls forward Patrick Williams. Allen’s momentum appeared to carry him into DeRozan, and Allen’s left forearm struck DeRozan in the back, knocking him to the ground.

After the whistle, DeRozan got up and headed straight for Allen before being stopped by a couple of Bucks players.

“I just felt the impact,” said DeRozan, who finished with 42 points to help the Bulls rally after trailing by 15 in the fourth quarter. “I felt like I went over the middle in a football game, trying to take a slot route, and I got hit.”

Williams was the only player called for a foul on the play, and Allen held on after the contact was accidental.

“They pushed me into the screen,” Allen told ESPN after the game. “I was trying to slide around the corner and ran into him.”

The Bulls have a history with Allen dating back to January, when Allen’s 2 flagrant foul Alex Caruso it led to a broken wrist and surgery for the Bulls guard that sidelined him for about two months. The United Center crowd still boos Allen every time he enters the game or touches the ball, as he did Wednesday.

DeRozan was still upset minutes later with Allen’s play. Like the one in Milwaukee Bobby Portis went to the line for a pair of free throws, he and DeRozan exchanged words and drew double technical fouls.

“It’s his track record,” DeRozan said of Allen. “If it was Boban, I wouldn’t have done anything. I didn’t know if it was on purpose or what happened, I just felt an excessive blow.”

DeRozan insisted afterward that the skirmish with Allen didn’t provide any additional motivation, but he turned it on for the rest of the game as the Bulls mounted an unlikely comeback. DeRozan scored 22 points after the incident, picking up a steal on a layup with 7.8 seconds left in the fourth quarter that led to a game-tying dunk to force overtime.

In overtime, DeRozan scored 10 of the Bulls’ 13 points and assisted on Nikola VucevicTriple approval.

“DeMar responded the right way,” the Bulls guard said Zach LaVine said “The next 20 minutes, you saw what happened.”

DeRozan finished with 42 points, 10 rebounds and five assists to cap a dominant performance from Giannis Antetokounmpowho scored 45 points and grabbed 22 rebounds.

The Bulls trailed by 11 with 2:18 remaining before coming back, becoming just the sixth team in the last 20 seasons to win after losing in that scenario, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. The teams were 5-12,535 entering Wednesday.

“We hung in there and kept fighting until the last second,” DeRozan said. “We didn’t get down when we made some mistakes defensively. We hung in there.

“We showed a lot of resilience and fight throughout the game.”

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