Chicago Bears Draft Hopes Get Another Big Boost

Chicago Bears Draft Hopes Get Another Big Boost

The Chicago Bears two games to go before the fate of the 2023 NFL draft is known. If they lose to Detroit and Minnesota, they’ll be at least a No. 2 pick, with a No. 1 pick. If they win one, they will drop to 4th and 7th if they win both. Many fans already have the Bears lined up for one of the top two spots. That would mean GM Ryan Poles The Bears did what they haven’t done in the first round since 2003: go down. It makes logical sense. They are a rebuilding team. They have more roster holes than draft picks are capable of filling them. More options means more opportunities to land young players.

The hard part is getting other teams to step up. For this, the Bear asks for bait. A quarterback is a must have in almost every scenario involving the top five trades. Teams will always step up if they believe they are getting a star quarterback of the future. For this to happen, the players themselves have to help themselves up and down. The Poles and Bears brass are happy right now after watching the Sugar Bowl. Alabama quarterback Bryce Young put on a career-ending show, throwing five touchdowns on just 21 carries to crush Kansas State.

Young’s exclamation point is good for the Chicago Bears.

He’s almost guaranteed to go in the top three picks. Despite the questions about his size, every other part of his game checks the box for a future NFL starter. It will be surprising if Houston doesn’t take #1 overall. Now try to imagine if Chicago ended up #1 and Houston dropped to #2. Suddenly, other teams would realize they have a shot at Young and maybe pay through the nose to get him. The Poles could get a king’s ransom to get out of that place. The next step is to achieve strong performances.

CJ Stroud is the other big name to watch. The Ohio State quarterback will host Georgia this weekend. It would boost his tally even more if he puts in a strong performance against the defending champions. So even if the Chicago Bears end up with the No. 2 pick, teams would also be willing for his services. That doesn’t include Kentucky’s Will Levis, who might be the most talented of the three. A strong showing at the scouting combine and pro day circuit would likely propel him into the conversation as well.

The Bears need to do their part by making sure they have one of those picks.

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