Victor Wembanyama describes closing a “strange strategy”: “It seems unreasonable to me”

Victor Wembanyama describes closing a “strange strategy”: “It seems unreasonable to me”

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Victor Wembanyama is perhaps the best player to enter the NBA Draft since then lebron james, and as such, several teams have gone out of their way to position themselves to possibly pick him. Equipment like the San Antonio Spurs i Utah Jazz traded away veterans with the apparent goal of increasing their lottery odds, while other young teams like the rockets i thunder he just avoided adding veterans to avoid improving the year he was available. In other words, teams were falling.

The tank is standard N.B.A procedure It’s also an idea that Wembanyama himself struggles to grasp.

“Blocking? It’s a strange strategy,” Wembanyama said in French in a recent interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien. “It seems unreasonable to me, and I try not to think about it. I also heard that the NBA was considering changing some rules for me, but that doesn’t worry me.”

The NBA recently changed its rule to make tanking less beneficial, but it did so before Wembanyama was even on the league’s radar. The draft lottery used to give the NBA’s worst team a 25 percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick. As of 2019, those odds have dropped to 14 percent.

This has slowed the lockout to some extent, but as long as the league has some structure in place that incentivizes losing, teams are going to lockout. A 14 percent chance in Wembanyama is effectively a 14 percent chance in half a decade of containment. If he’s as good as the league expects him to be, he’ll give his team multiple opportunities to win championships in the eight or nine years that first-round picks tend to be committed to their original teams. If they manage these years properly, they could have Wembanyama for more than a decade. The risk of sacrificing a year for a 14 percent chance on any player is high, but the reward is substantially higher.

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