Draymond Green roasts Evan Turner over ‘unfair’ Warriors dynasty complaints

Draymond Green roasts Evan Turner over ‘unfair’ Warriors dynasty complaints

Draymond roasts Turner over ‘unfair’ Warriors dynasty complaints originally appeared NBC Sports Bay Area

Draymond Green let his thoughts be heard after former NBA player Evan Turner’s call Kevin Duranthis three-year stay with the warriors “lame” and “unfair” earlier this week.

“Let me start by saying this is the only sound note from this entire episode I’ve heard. So I have no context,” Green wrote on Instagram. “Dominating is lame? That sounds like someone who gets their ass kicked a lot! Good job guys.”

Turner aired his complaints to the “Point forward“The podcast is co-hosted Andre Iguodala, who played alongside Durant all three seasons in the Bay Area. Turner let Iguodala hear his complaints.

“You’re going to win a lot of championships, but it was lame as shit,” Turner said. “For four or five years, there was a media ride. And a franchise hype train went by, which was the Warriors. That was [Durant] doing this Do you know what I mean? There were certain points where it seemed unfair. We’re not knocking it, to each their own, but it felt like it had to wait until that narrative ended at the moment of the story.”

Turner, the second overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, played for a decade in the league with five teams. He made the playoffs eight of those 10 seasons, but never made it past the conference finals.

Durant and the Warriors finished their season twice in three campaigns with the Portland Trail Blazers — in the first round of the 2017 playoffs and the 2019 Western Conference finals. Both series ended with a four-game sweep of Golden State.

“I’m not hitting it, but at the same time I’m still playing against Andre Iguodala, Steph CurryKevin Durant, Klay ThompsonDraymond Green and anybody,” Turner said. “That’s like playing against [Michael Jordan], silly It still doesn’t make sense. It justifies nothing.

“He won a lot of championships, but he was lame as shit.”

Later in the podcast, Turner praised the Warriors organization. Friday, replied to a tweet from a Warriors fan who noted that the franchise struggled to sign big-name free agents before the days of Curry, Thompson and Iguodala.

“This is on, if you listen to the rest of the pod you would hear proper respect for the fanbase and legacy,” Turner posted on Twitter. “The fans who showed up to sell them [Oracle Arena] when the teams were not great they deserved the dynasty that is happening now. Not just by making a team with four of the top 20 players.”

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Green and Turner’s friendly relationship dates back to when their college careers overlapped for two seasons as Big Ten rivals Michigan State and Ohio State. They have bet on games between the Spartans and Buckeyes in the past, and Green appeared as a guest on the “Point Forward” podcast in May.

Still, though, the four championship rings give Green the right to put critics of the Warriors dynasty in their place.

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