Forget Carlos Correa, Major League Baseball is failing his physique

Forget Carlos Correa, Major League Baseball is failing his physique

Carlos Correa is not alone. Baseball also failed his physique.

The game is sick and it gets bad. Caper Correa is just a symptom. The San Francisco Giants You have a problem, sure, but MLB has a bigger disease. Let’s talk.

• Giants fans and members of the Bay Area sports media won the 2022 Knee-jerk Rage Award, for the response to the news that the Giants had rejected the Correa deal. If you were in that angry crowd, you now know how horribly you overreacted, but don’t beat yourself up too much, because the Giants have prepared you.

• Did the Giants give Herschel Walker a physical before the team’s principal owner invested heavily in Walker’s US Senate campaign? There was a widespread belief that the Giants backed out of the Correa deal because they couldn’t afford to spend that much money. Meanwhile, Charles Johnson, the majority owner of the Giants, has been spending freely to support election deniers and conspiracy theorists.

• So it’s not crazy to make the connection: The Giants owner can lavish money on people who believe in nefarious space lasers, but cheap out on buying a true shortstop.

• This could be a new term for someone with a big arm, like Correa. “Man, he’s got a space laser.”

• You kneelers were right about one thing: The Giants’ deafening silence was senseless and infuriating. They couldn’t comment on anything medical, but there was a desperate need for Farhan Zaidi, the voice of the front desk, to speak something. Hiding is never the right strategy, unless you’ve just robbed a bank.

• What Zaidi might have said the day the deal fell through: Exactly what he said Friday about the Correa snafu, during the Zoom press conference for the Taylor Rogers signing.

• You kneelers, however, should feel shy if you immediately side with Scott Boras, Correa’s agent. Two reasons why you should have thought his story was at least shady: One, he’s an agent. Two, he’s Scott Boras.

• Boras relayed a touching anecdote: He said that when Correa was rejected by the Giants and Boras immediately got him a deal with the Mets, Correa was so excited that he put his agent on the bed in Boras’ room at the St. . Regis. Therefore, Correa must have said something like: Scott, you are a freaking genius! The Giants deal falls through, but without buying me out, accept a deal that will pay me $35 million LESS. month Can I no longer play shortstop? I love you man!

• I’m not sure Boras is a doctor, so we shouldn’t have nodded when he mocked the Giants for their silly concern about Correa’s leg. what does he know Yes Boras is a real doctor is the kind of doctor who tells you, “You’re fat,” and when you say, “I want a second opinion,” he says, “Okay, you’re ugly, too.”

• Headline on Twins fan website Twins Daily: “Projecting the next organization to sign and retire Carlos Correa.”

• By the way, what is the purpose of a physics course?

• The Correa Caper shined a harsh spotlight on baseball’s main ailment: Our national pastime is the only sport in America that has allowed itself to become a pure oligarchy, ruled by a privileged few.

• In what other sport would the highest-spending team have six or seven times the payroll of the lowest-spending team? MLB will set a record this season for the biggest gap between spenders and cheapskates, specifically the Mets and the Oakland A’s. Joe Lacob spends more than every other NBA team owner, but not by a 7 to 1 margin.

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