Should the Trail Blazers sign Jerami Grant to the extension?

Should the Trail Blazers sign Jerami Grant to the extension?

The Portland Trail Blazers they have to make a decision very soon about Jerami Grant’s future.

This decision was the subject of discussion in the latest episode of Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective Podcastwhere Windhorst and guest Bobby Marks discussed Grant’s upcoming free agency and fit with the Blazers.

“One of the reasons Detroit traded him was because I don’t think they were comfortable giving him the kind of extension he wanted,” Windhorst said. “So he’s gone to Portland, they’ve been up and down, but injuries, but he’s been a good pickup for them. Definitely a value pickup for what they sent to Detroit for him. He’s a free agent if the you let go. I’m not sure what his market is going to be, but he’s got real value there, and I think Dame Lillard likes to play him, and that’s a factor in that.”

“Big wings are a premium,” Marks said. He’ll be 29 when free agency gets here. His is interesting because right now he’s only eligible for 2 years, $45 million. But that changes this coming Saturday, which changes to 4 years, 112 million dollars, because this six months of trade will now be lifted.

“If Joe Cronin puts it up front, I think he’ll sign it.”

The decision could come this weekend, where the Blazers can offer Grant a max contract of $28 million per year, or the team could roll the dice, wait until the summer and risk signing him to another team

Grant has proven to be a key member of the Blazers this season, even scoring 36 against his former team in Monday night’s win over the Detroit Pistons. He’s averaging a career-high 22.4 points per game, numbers that could be worthy of a big-money extension.

However, with the Blazers already signing Damian Lillard, Anfernee Simons and Jusuf Nurkic to long and expensive contracts last summer, Portland could be locked in with that core for the foreseeable future, one that may not be up to par with the rest of the contenders of the Western Conference, making this a complicated decision.

What do you think of the BE community? Would Grant sign to a contract extension?


Should the Blazers sign Jerami Grant to a four-year, $128 million extension?

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    Yes, it is a reasonable value.

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  • 14%

    Yes, but not at this price.

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174 votes in total

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