Major NBA trade candidates eligible after January 15th

Major NBA trade candidates eligible after January 15th

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Scott: If the Chicago Bulls do Zach LaVine available before the trade deadline, rival executives are eyeing several teams that could have interest in trading for him, including the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat.

The Knicks have plenty of draft picks they can offer along with salary to match LaVine’s salary.

LaVine played at UCLA and when he signed with Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul, The natural question people around the league asked was whether they would eventually try to bring him to the Lakers.

Dallas is always looking to improve its roster around the MVP candidate Luka Doncic, and LaVine would help take the scoring load off him. However, Dallas would have more trade flexibility with the draft pick compensation after this season, which is worth noting. I hear the Mavericks don’t want to part with a first round pick unless they think any incoming player can help them be a championship contender this season.

The best Miami commercial asset to hang is Tyler Hero in a theoretical trading package.

Overall, though, Chicago has yet to show a willingness to be a seller, with about a month until the trade deadline, while currently on the verge of competing for a back-end Play In spot.

Gozlan: My sense is that they don’t want to be salespeople, and I don’t necessarily think they are. The Bulls were in the lottery for four years in a row until last season and they probably don’t want to go back (to the lottery) yet… They were pretty good last year before that. Lonzo dance got hurt They are probably still waiting Nikola Vucevic i Patrick Williams progress. LaVine had a slow start to the season after knee surgery. These are all factors that they are probably taking into account in their evaluations. Everyone is down and thinks they should rebuild, but unless something changes, they probably want to add their core.

I’m seeing the reports that suggest he might want out, but I don’t see him moving yet. Even if the Bulls blow it, they have less urgency to move him and more to get value for older veterans like DeRozan and Vucevic… If LaVine is available, I’ll be interested to see what his trade value is, knowing he’s locked up for four more years, but averaging $43 million per year for a guy who isn’t a top 20 player.

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