The Jets will start Joe Flacco at QB late in the season

The Jets will start Joe Flacco at QB late in the season

FLORHAM PARK, NJ — In a recent spin on the ever-changing quarterback situation, New York Jets they have decided to start Joe Flacco — no Mike White — In the last game played on Sunday Miami Dolphinssaid a source.

White, who was ready to start for the second straight week after returning from a broken rib, sat out after experiencing discomfort in practice. Zach Wilsoninactive last week, will be 2nd quarter.

The game has no playoff implications for the Jets (7-9), who were eliminated last week after their fifth loss. It has a certain symmetry, though. They started the season with Flacco due to an injury, and now they will end it with Flacco for the same reason.

Flacco has not decided his future, so this could be the last game of his illustrious career, which includes a Super Bowl MVP award. Baltimore Ravens.

New York will finish the season with three quarterbacks starting at least four games: Flacco (four), White (four) and Wilson (nine).

It was the second time in the past four weeks that White was sidelined on a Friday because of ribs. After being injured on December 11, he was preparing to start the following week but was unable to get medical clearance. He missed two games after Wilson was benched.

Wilson was benched again as Jets coach Robert Saleh turned the white in last week’s must-win game. Seattle Seahawks. White threw two interceptions and completed just 23 of 46 passes for 240 yards, appearing to suffer from rib pain.

On Monday, Saleh said White “should be ready to go Sunday,” but red flags went up when the Jets canceled White’s regular media availability on Thursday. Later, the injury report said he was dropped to “limited” in practice. Saleh was unavailable Thursday.

So the Jets turn to Flacco, who started the first three games after Wilson had preseason knee surgery. He won one of three starts, throwing five touchdowns and three interceptions. He played seven snaps in the Dec. 11 loss Buffalo Billsrusted and shaking in a drawstring bag.

Overall, Flacco has a 28.8 QBR, which ranks 37th out of 38 passers with 150 attempts.

White’s time with the Jets could be over, as he will be an unrestricted free agent. He finished the season with a 1-3 record, 3 touchdown passes, 4 interceptions, a 59% completion rate, 1,192 yards and a 37.5 QBR.

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