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The day of the American Professional Football League draft is approaching

The day of the American Professional Football League draft is approaching

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2023 pre-season Professional league Mexican Liga de Futbol Americano (LFA). will officially begin on January 7. On Saturday, 10 franchises will select the best prospects exclusively from ONEFA College Football league.

This is the sixth edition of Art MAF the draft will follow the rules found in past editions. Teams will select players based on their win-loss record and, if qualified, playoff position from the previous season. Teams can trade their picks for players or forfeit their picks entirely. The length of the draft is five cartridges.

The draft order was supposed to take into account the three teams that were added from the non-existent one Mexican American Football (FAM) league. Red from Mexico City were given the first selection in Art Draftfor now Bosses from Juarez City and Caudillo the Chihuahuawho negotiated their participation in the MAF after the official deadline, the final selections in each round were given.

In the last one FAM season, Art Red (which passed by Spanish name red ones then) finished as champions. As a result, they decided not to rely on rookie players and traded their five picks this year and a third-round pick in 2024 for veteran players from other teams. On the other hand, military leaders took fourth place and st Bosses the seventh Therefore, They are expected to be one of the most active teams on draft day and will also be bolstered by import players.

The current standings for the first round are as follows:

  1. Raptors (Mexico State), via Reds.
  2. Greyhound of Tijuana
  3. Kings of Jalisco
  4. Mexico City
  5. Predators
  6. tell us the saltillo
  7. Queretaro black roosters
  8. Founders of Monterrey
  9. Chiefs of Ciudad Juarez
  10. Chihuahua warlords

As with any draft, the players deemed to have the most potential are selected first. However, players’ hometowns and colleges are also important. To make salary negotiations easier, teams usually prefer to select players who come from places closer to their hometowns.

Potential top draft picks:

Julio Covarrubias, RB from Monterey Wild Sheep, who led his team to the championship this year. He finished the year as the leading rusher and was second in total yards.

Alexis Rodriguez, WR from Linces UVM, with an interesting combination of size, hands and explosiveness. He will also bring leadership skills to the team that eventually selects him.

Ivan Gleason, DL from Puma UNAM Acatlan and formerly with UVM’s Linces, who was a consistent force in QB pockets.

Fabrizio Giambini, CB from Puma UNAM Acatlan and earlier from UDLAP Aztecs, who may not be one of the biggest players on the field, but has great technique that helped him become a true quarterback in college.

Miguel Garcia, LB from Pueblo Sheep, a tackling machine and the leader of the top defense in almost every stat with 2022 ONEFA season.

And among the missing players is Emmanuel Kajiga, LB from IPN White Eaglesplayer who excelled in rebounding, passing and passing is still recovering from injury and may not be able to play in MAF this year. So he might have to wait a year to hear his name called on draft day.

Humberto Bengachea, DL by UDLAP Azteca, some analysts thought it would be a first-round pick. However, on January 3, he announced on social media that he would not play on MAF. It’s still possible that the team could select him to be eligible for negotiations if he ever decides to change his mind.

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