Chiefs-Raiders: 11 things were heard in the 31-13 victory

Chiefs-Raiders: 11 things were heard in the 31-13 victory

On Saturday, again Kansas City Chiefs closed the regular season a Dominating the victory 31-13 on top Las Vegas Raiders To go 14-3 and claim an AFC first round bye. Here are some things Tom Ruprecht heard during the win.

  1. “Chad, can you close this? Patrick has tickets to see Wayne Newton at the Flamingo.’
  2. “I found a case of black eyeliner. Did Derek Carr leave a shipping address?
  3. “Actually, the Derek Carr-Davante Adams wedding lasted as long as most Vegas weddings.”
  4. “This rivalry is starting to resemble the one between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals.”
  5. “You see that guy wearing a silver-painted black costume covered in lace and skulls? Either he’s a Raiders fan, or the ChiefsAholic found a new bank robbery costume.”
  6. “Forget Josh McDaniels. The first person Mark Davis should shoot is his barber.’
  7. ‘Around Rosie? The Chiefs are now doing touchdown celebrations before score”.
  8. “McDaniels said he wasn’t embarrassed or insulted around Rosie? the hell That was the point!”
  9. “14-3? Not bad for a rebuilding year.”
  10. “After a week off we are in Vegas. What could go wrong?”
  11. “Frank Clark joins long list of men who have suffered a groin disease after a weekend in Vegas”.

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