Josh Jacobs says he hopes to re-sign with the Raiders

Josh Jacobs says he hopes to re-sign with the Raiders

HENDERSON, Nev. — Back to running Josh JacobsFresh off his first career NFL rushing title and heading into free agency, he said Monday he wanted to come back during locker room cleaning day. Las Vegas Raiders next season if he and the team agree on a contract.

“To me, it has to make sense,” he said, referring to a potential new contract meaning, dollars and cents.

“But this is obviously where I want to be. When I walked in, I remember sitting down [defensive end] max [Crosby] and all these guys and talking about the Raiders organization and culture and wanting to be a part of the change. I still feel that way, so hopefully I’ll be back.”

While Crosby was a fourth-round pick in 2019 and signed a four-year, $99 million extension last spring, Jacobs was the second of the Raiders’ three first-round picks in 2019 at No. 24. generally, after the defensive end. Clelin Ferrellwhich was fourth, and before safety Jonathan AbramHe was ranked 27th.

None of them received fifth-year picks in the Raiders’ final season under general manager Dave Ziegler and coach Josh McDaniels. Jacobs, however, responded with a career year, even though the team went 10-7 after going 6-11 a year after ruing the playoffs.

Jacobs was the first Raiders player to rush for 1,653 yards. Mark Allen He rushed for 1,759 yards in his 1985 NFL MVP season. He is third in franchise history to accomplish the feat since Clem Daniels led the AFL with 1,099 rushing yards in 1963.

Jacobs, selected to his second career Pro Bowl, also led the NFL with 93 rushing first downs and 2,053 total yards.

However, Jacobs downplayed his personal achievements.

“I mean, I think it feels good,” he said. “I don’t feel any different. Obviously, it’s a testament to the team and the guys that have helped me along the way. So that’s definitely awesome to be able to live with them. But for me personally, it’s just whatever. Really.”

McDaniels, on the other hand, seemed confident that Jacobs would return to the team.

“Obviously, JJ’s performance was very bright for us,” McDaniels said. “I have tremendous respect and admiration for him as a person and player and he embodies everything we want a Raider to be.

“Dave and I have talked about it; JJ and I have had private conversations about those kinds of things. I think that’s all going to play out in due time. But I love him and I’d like him to stay a Raider.”

It was a mutual admiration society two days after the Raiders’ season ended with a 31-13 loss to the defending AFC West champion and No. 1 seed. Kansas City Chiefs.

And Jacobs referred to the coach who brought him out of Alabama four years ago.

“Of course, [Jon] Gruden’s a great football mind, but these guys, man, they take it to another level in terms of the way they explain things and the way they use certain guys,” Jacobs said. “So just learning their offensive game, learning. terminology and then taking it and giving it my own little spin, it’s definitely been fun.

“The way we work, [this is] definitely the best working group I’ve had since I’ve been in the NFL. It’s just putting the little pieces together right now, and identifying what those little pieces are, identifying each player’s role and trying to execute that as much as possible.”

Jacobs would probably prefer a multi-year contract. But if the Raiders decide to give him a one-year franchise tag, projects the running back will be a modest $10.1 million next season, sure to rise when the 2023 salary cap is announced.

Aside from Jacobs’ decision, that quarterback is a certainty Derek Carr, the team’s starter since its rookie season in 2014 and the franchise’s most passing record holder, will not return after being benched for two games. He has been away from the team for the past two weeks in a “mutual” decision.

Jacobs was asked his opinion of Carr.

“The biggest thing I take from Derek is the great person he is,” Jacobs said. “Me and Derek went to church together a couple of times and things like that and just seeing him being loving and helping, that’s the thing I’ll take from him the most. He’s a really great guy.”

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