Bonus points: Baseball isn’t dying…depending on who you ask

Bonus points: Baseball isn’t dying…depending on who you ask

During last October’s World Series, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred hinted that the league’s front office was approaching $11 billion last season. Well the numbers are out and he was right. Major League Baseball generated $10.8 billion according to a Forbes report.

We remind everyone that income does not equal profit. The article written by Maury Brown details how new media rights deals, full support earlier this year and new partnerships with advertisers including FTX before the fund dropped.

Also, this year will be the first year that teams will be able to sell a sponsorship patch on the jersey, as we see in the NBA. So if you ask advertisers and baseball-related businesses, there’s money to be spent, even after a lockout last winter.

What should be alarming in baseball is the fact that attendance is down again, down 6% from pre-pandemic levels. Fewer people are walking through the door, but did baseball survive all the negative pressure of the lockout to make more money?

As a baseball fan myself, I’m thrilled with the health of the sport in the Benjamins…but I’m still alarmed why attendance is falling. Maybe a shiny new watch will help move things along in 2023.

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