The latest on the Astros general manager search

The latest on the Astros general manager search

The Astros have been operating without a general manager for several months, but owner Jim Crane is actively interviewing candidates for the position, reports say. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. It’s unclear if a resolution is close or how many people are being considered, but Rosenthal lists three people who have been interviewed: Michael HillDana Brown and Bobby Evans.

The Astros’ offseason got off to a surprising start when the club parted ways with general manager James Click and assistant general manager Scott Powers in November. There were some reported differences between Click and Crane, but many expected the Astros to win the World Series would be enough to get all parties on the same page going forward.

That did not happen and the club has been operating without a general manager for the past few months. It appears as though Crane has taken on a prominent role in baseball operations while searching for Click’s replacement. crane he commented on the matter in November, saying he planned to take his time and didn’t expect to make a hire before the new year. This has indeed happened, as it is now mid-January with the position still vacant.

The club has been doing its business independently, signing free agents like Jose Abreu i Michael Brantley in addition to agreeing terms with several arbitration-eligible players. It is not known if the club has any specific date in mind for a decision on the front office, but it seems that the wheels are at least in motion with these interviews conducted.

Hill spent many years in the Marlins’ front office, joining the club in 2002. He went on to hold several titles in his time with the franchise, including assistant general manager, general manager and president of operations. of baseball When his contract ran out after the 2020 season, the club did not extend it despite qualifying for the postseason for the first time since 2003. Since then, Hill has been linked to several clubs looking to add -se in front of him office, including the Angels, Mets and Phillies. However, he has yet to sign with another team since leaving the Marlins, spending the past two years working for Major League Baseball as senior vice president of field operations.

Brown was drafted by the Phillies in 1989 and spent several years playing in their minor league system. Since then, he has held various jobs throughout the league, serving as director of scouting for the Nationals and a special assistant with the Blue Jays. He was a candidate to join the Mariners’ front office in late 2015, but didn’t land the job. For the past four years, he has been with the Braves, where he currently serves as vice president of scouting. Much of his career has overlapped with Atlanta president of baseball operations Alex Anthopoulos, as they worked together with the Expos before that team became the Nats, were with the Jays at the same time, and they now work together in Atlanta.

Evans was signed by the Giants in 1994 and won several titles over the years. He was eventually appointed as the club’s general manager from 2015, just after the club had won their third title in five years. However, he was “reassigned” from this role in late 2018 after less than four years in the job. He interviewed for the general manager job with the Astros in 2020 before Click was hired. He also interviewed for the Angels later that year, though that job ultimately went to Perry Minasian.

Each of the three candidates bring different levels of experience and success to the table. The Marlins did not have much success while Hill was with the club, but he worked for owner Jeffrey Loria, known for interfering in baseball decisions and keeping the payroll modest. All of Brown’s teams have been very successful while working for them and he is credited with drafting or signing many top talents, but he has no prior work as a club’s top baseball decision maker. Evans was with the Giants during their most successful period in recent years, although his time in the top chair was brief and the club less successful at the time. It’s unknown if the Astros have any preference among those three, though there are likely other candidates under consideration as well, with more details to come.

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