A year after the disastrous signing, the Jaguars did a great job

A year after the disastrous signing, the Jaguars did a great job

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In 2021, the Jaguars made one of the worst hires in recent NFL history, naming Urban Meyer the team’s head coach. In 2022, the Jaguars made one of the best.

A Super Bowl coach was available in Doug Pederson. He was a coach who won a championship under unique circumstances. His starting quarterback was lost for the season in December, and he lost the NFC’s No. 1 seed to win it all. But they won everything, riding Nick Foles a very unlikely Super Bowl victory Tom Brady and patriots.

But only the Jaguars hired Pederson. Others interviewed him. There was never a land rush for his services, however. No Sean Payton-style yelling. Several teams with openings didn’t even talk to Pederson, including the Texans, Broncos, Raiders, Giants and Dolphins.

The Broncos are at least wondering what could have been.

After a fast start to a sluggish run midway through the season, the Jaguars under Pederson found their groove. Coinciding with the Titans’ collapse, Pederson and the Jaguars pushed the AFC South to the front of the line. Last weekend, they got one The most memorable comebacks in league history to reach the divisional round.

The ride will likely end this week at Arrowhead Stadium. At least not. Last year, both qualifiers lost in the divisional round. It’s not as rare as you think. The bottom seed lands a lucky strike early, the favorite catches a flurry of feet, and suddenly we have a real fight.

Pederson knows what he’s doing. He learned from Chiefs coach Andy Reid. Now, with the season on the line and the AFC championship game in the balance, Pederson has a chance to turn the Big Red around, and complete a turnaround even more stunning than Jacksonville’s 2017 implosion.

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