Les Snead: If we really believed in “giving them chances,” we’d give them to our division opponents.

Les Snead: If we really believed in “giving them chances,” we’d give them to our division opponents.


After winning Super Bowl LVI last year, Rams general manager Les Snead wore the “F— them picks” short at the club’s championship parade.

He also said from the podium that day: “They get picked, they’re going to use them to win more Super Bowls.”

Now, of course, the Rams are coming off a 5-12 season. Although head coach Sean McVay will return, Los Angeles clearly has a lot of work to do to get back to NFC West title contention in 2023.

“I’ll admit that every time you say something like that you’re probably going to… go eat those words sometime” Snead said Thursday, via Gary Klein LA Times. Snead stated that he was having fun with the meme. “If we really believed in making picks in that sense of the word, we’d give our division opponents . . .

“But we definitely took the draft seriously. We think they are really the heartbeat of the franchise.”

Sneed added, “I really wanted to say, ‘We made these picks to win Los Angeles the Super Bowl championship.’ … So I always knew that someday I would eat those words.”

The Rams don’t have a first-round pick until they take it Jared Goff 1 in 2016. Snead said LA will have 10 picks in 2023 when compensatory options are granted. Snead has called this offseason a “restart” rather than a “rebuild.”

Eventually, the club could have a first-round pick in 2024 — if Snead isn’t traded first.

“Getting some first-rounders back, second- and third-rounders back is going to be beneficial,” Snead said. “Where we’re at, probably from a roster standpoint, that’s going to be healthy for us to add young players, players on their new contracts who will become cogs.

“We’re going to call this Chapter 3 of the Sean McVay era.”

Snead has been with the Rams since 2012 and has gone 91-86-1 in his 11 seasons, going 60-38 since McVay’s arrival in 2017.

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