On the fateful play, Patrick Peterson thought Kirk Cousins ​​didn’t know what it was

On the fateful play, Patrick Peterson thought Kirk Cousins ​​didn’t know what it was

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A special season for the Vikings had a violent end, with the quarterback Kirk Cousins throwing five yards from the sticks on fourth-and-eight in the final moments of the playoffs against the Giants. Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson addressed the moment in the latest episode of his podcast, All Things Covered.

“Going into that last play, when I saw it, the only thing I could think was, ‘I said,'”He didn’t know what it was,” Peterson said, via Chris Tomasson San Paulo Pioneer Press. “I still haven’t heard an explanation from him. But he took me back to the side, because I was surprised that we kicked the ball three meters when we needed eight.’

Cousins ​​and head coach Kevin O’Connell addressed the situation after the game. Some would argue that Cousins ​​should have thrown the ball to the receiver Justin Jefferson, even if it is double covered. Others would argue that Cousins ​​should have held the ball a little longer until receiver KJ Osborne got open, which he did. Others would argue that Cousins ​​had no choice but to throw because of the Giants’ defensive line. Dexter Lawrence in his face

“I really don’t know what happened, how that decision came about, he threw the ball short,” Peterson added. “But in terms of his overall performance in that game, I thought he played solid. I thought he was a top 10 quarterback all year. He’s a guy you can beat, for sure.’

However, in five years in Minnesota, Cousins ​​has one playoff win and two shutouts. It was good enough. At some point, good enough just isn’t good enough.

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