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The Pulse: Your weekend NFL viewing guide, NBA trades and brats

The Pulse: Your weekend NFL viewing guide, NBA trades and brats

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Weekend Viewing Guide

Sunday > Saturday

It’s Friday. You have a few texts checking weekend plans. Maybe your significant other wants to plan something. Victims — in this case, an NFL one or two games in the playoffs is a must do.

This weekend’s game rankings so you don’t have to worry (plus picks):

1. of Bengal in Bills
Sunday, 3 p.m. ET, CBS
Both teams have a chance to celebrate Damar Hamlin’s recovery after that collapse in the canceled game between these teams two weeks ago. It’s also just a game between two giants who can definitely win the Super Bowl. There’s pressure from both sides — can Buffalo finally make it to the Super Bowl in the modern era? Can the Bengals afford to waste another good ring chance? Someone goes home very, very disappointed.

Heart rate selection: Bengals, close.

2. Cowboys in the 49th
Sunday, 6:30 p.m., FOX
Dallas looked great last weekend vs Tampa Baybut I’m a little skeptical about how that translates to a team like this playing San Francisco. It’s still a better game than any of Saturday’s contests, and I’m calling it early: Brock Purdy descends a little to the ground.

Heart rate selection: Nine, by a touchdown.

3. Giants in Orlov
Saturday, 8:15 p.m., FOX
This game has been hyped as a possible upset all week. The Giants, fresh off the playoffs, are 13-4 Vikings, drink the juice. I feel conflicted. The Vikings were the underdogs, and the Giants will be taking on the No. 1 seed in the NFC in front of a raucous home crowd.

Heart rate selection: Eagles by two points.

4. Jaguars in Chiefs
Saturday, 4:30 p.m., NBC
I can’t even pretend to be excited about it, which probably means it’s going to be a surprise. But it’s hard to imagine Jacksonville staying within two touchdowns.

Heart rate selection: Chiefs of 17.

We don’t have to talk about last weekend’s election, but if you want to drop all of those elections, I’ll respect that.

Commercial SZN

The big board is here

Earlier this week we talked about what Spurs center Jakob Pöltl could be like here around which NBA trade term rotation. But is he the most influential trade target?

Our trade deadline experts — Sam Vecheny, Seth Partnow and Danny Leroux — disagree, putting Poeltl at No. 6 in their trade term Big Board, which debuted this morning. Factors:

  • Impact of the player if he is traded
  • Probability of trading
  • His “asset value” and current contract
  • Likely compensation in return

See the full list here. It is complex. A quick look at the top five:

1. Miles Turner
2. John Collins
3. Boyan Bogdanovich
4. Kayla Kuzma
5. Immanuel Quickley

Last year, Turner and Collins were the subject of trade rumors that overshadowed their contributions on the floor. It’s part of today’s NBA experience. Let’s hope for their sanity’s sake they find good homes in the next three weeks.


Cleaning NFL personnel
Brandon Staley and Todd Bowles can say they played in the playoffs this season, but that’s about it. Both are now “Hot Seat Guys,” keeping their jobs but making significant personnel changes. Staley Chargers fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and passing game coordinator Shane Day, just a year after the creation of the five crimes. Bowles’ Bucs followed suit canning OC Byron Leftwichwho produced good offenses each of the first three seasons before falling apart this year.

Also: It will be interesting to see where Leftwich, who only had head coaching interviews last offseason, goes.

“I’m looking forward to the juice”
accounts, TitansJaguars, Chiefs and Patriots all will play in Europe next year, the NFL announced yesterday. Kansas City coach Andy Reid is focused on getting his team right in Germany: brats.

Things, Ranked

Just look at the cool goalie masks

The Pulse: Your weekend NFL viewing guide, NBA trades and brats

It is rare for an athlete to display individual artwork as part of a uniform. The NFL makes a living by punishing expressions like this. In Art NHLhowever, there is a unique canvas on which players can express themselves: the goalie mask.

The employees of NHL “Athletic” took up a serious journalistic business rating of goalkeeper masks for each primary starting goaltender. The content we need.

My favorites? Jacob Markström’s fiery zombies, Philipp Grubauer’s street art kraken, and Karel Weimelka’s Kachin-themed mask. See the full list here.

PS Bonus content: NBA rating the best and worst City Edition t-shirts.

Heart rate choices

Joe Burrow and Sam Hubbard became friends all you can eat hibachi. They are now responsible for some of the most memorable moments in Bengals history.

Tbe Flyers are in turmoil after being snubbed by Ivan Provorov on Pride Night. Charlie O’Connor spoke to team sources about organizational breakdowns.

Does Paris cure all? The Bulls are hoping their week-long jaunt across the pond – which included a proposal – could provide a push into the playoffs.

Losing in Paris: Pistons No. 1 prospect Victor Wembanyama caused a commotion near the court.

Bruce Feldman investigates fascinating premises: NFL defenses are full of former four- and five-star recruits. On offense, it’s a stellar mix.

Crows echoed coach John Harbaugh Lamar Jackson is “our quarterback” the addition of a pending free agent will even make a difference in the hiring of a new offensive coordinator.

Bill O’Brien takes an interview to be New England’s new OC. Makes sense.

Deion Sanders works. Kormani McClain, a five-star cornerback, reversed his commitment from Miami in Colorado last night. Huge win for Sanders.

Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey is officially retiring after the season. Could Penn State’s Micah Shrewsbury to be his successor? it is possible

(Photo: Joseph Maiorano/USA Today)

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