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Projecting Michigan football’s 2023 defensive depth chart: Jan. 20

Projecting Michigan football’s 2023 defensive depth chart: Jan. 20

After no shortage of rumors, news and headlines, the 2023 Michigan football offseason is back on track. The Wolverines saw several star players weigh in on the NFL draft ahead of Monday’s declaration deadline before deciding to return, and head coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t rule out his own jump to the NFL before Monday afternoon. Along the way, there was an NCAA investigation (still ongoing) and a separate investigation by the University of Michigan Police Department that led to the suspension and firing of co-offensive coordinator Sharon Moore.

But regardless of what may have happened, the NFL draft deadline and transfer deadline have passed, Harbaugh has said he will coach Michigan in 2023, and the Wolverines have a pretty clear idea of ​​what their 2023 roster will look like.

And honestly, this will be Michigan’s best preseason roster on paper in a long, long time. The Wolverines are projected to return 15 of their 22 starters, 33 of their 44 two-deep starters, star players on both sides of the ball and bring in a number of snap transfers.

For the first time in the offseason, we’re breaking down our first-look depth charts. We used to look at offensive depth chart. Below we take a look at how we see the defense shaking up. In this edition, we stick with the players on campus and predict how the team will look at the end of spring ball when asked to play a game. As always, we’re ditching the “OR” nicknames and predicting which player will win the battle if one of them is close.

Let’s dive in.


Defensive reception

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