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Red Sox booed trying to protect Mookie Betts trade by letting Xander Bogarts out

Red Sox booed trying to protect Mookie Betts trade by letting Xander Bogarts out

While on the field, the consequences of Boston Red Sox a list of solutions starting with the disastrous trade Mookie Betts yes Smart people not yet fully realized, the off-field blowback is now being felt acutely by owners and front offices.

Friday marked the first winter weekend for Red Sox fans since before the Betts trade in February 2020. Anger at what the replacement of a franchise legend caused the Sox a surprising and ultimately self-destructive performance at last year’s trade deadlinetheir fall to last place in the American League East standings and then their failure to re-sign their star shortstops Xander Bogartswho blacked out this winter with Parents. Yes, the Sox finally did something significant by signing Raphael Devers to long-term expansion, but it was not enough to erase the remnants of the recent past.

So it’s no surprise that Chief Baseball Officer Haim Bloom, General Manager Sam Kennedy and owner John Henry felt the full wrath of Red Sox Nation when they took the stage Friday for a panel discussion. Although the Sox Brass sounded welcome, Jen McCaffrey of The Athletic writes that it “barely masked the resentment from some of the fans who were fed up with the club and couldn’t help themselves”.

Here’s a salute to the trio in question, accompanied on stage by manager Alex Cora:

Understandably, much of the fan ire seemed to center around the trade of Betts, a homegrown superstar, to Los Angeles for Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downsand Connor Wong. Suffice it to say, that return package didn’t come close to justifying the decision to part ways with Betts, and Downs, the top-rated prospect, had already been designated by Boston for assignment. Blum’s occasionally painful attempts to explain the trade, predictably, did not end very well:

What’s more, the more opinionated block of Red Sox fans probably knows that Bloom’s statement about rebuilding the organization’s young talent base after he was hired in October 2019 rings a little hollow:

Sure, a win cures all, but Boston’s closest prospect is in the AL East, where it’s at as well Yankees, Blue Jays, Raysand growing Orioles, not exactly promising. So this could be just the first phase of the Winter Weekend fan outrage the Sox decision-makers are being subjected to.

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