The Bengals are preparing for a Joe Burrow extension as their off-field business grows

The Bengals are preparing for a Joe Burrow extension as their off-field business grows

Sources say they are Bengals target this offseason Burrow to the mega-contract extension, as their standout has completed the third year of his rookie contract. Burrow has earned about $3.9 million in cash this year. For Spotracand he has a year left on his rookie deal in addition to a fifth-year option that Cincinnati can pick up in the offseason.

Overtime will be expensive, with the Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray‘s $46.1 million annual average which serves as a table for negotiations. Helping to pay a portion of Burrow’s salary is what fans call PayJoe Stadium.

Before the 2022 regular season, the Bengals sell naming rights Paul Brown Stadium for the first time. Now it’s Paycor Stadium, which brings a figure Cincinnati Business Courier It is estimated at 8-9 million dollars per year.

It also owns the naming rights to an in-house facility (Integrity Express Logistics); Kettering Health is an official healthcare partner; altafiber is a Wi-Fi protector; and there is also a sports betting partner: Betfred.

In addition, attendance increased by 10% In the 2022 season, the league’s fourth-highest per-game increase.

All of this has added to the revenue over the last couple of years, which will help the team when the salaries start to rise. That said, according to those involved, the team isn’t just charging Burrow to pay. In fact, the team’s recent success — thanks in part to Burrow, head coach Zac Taylor and the new wave — opened business doors.

“When those doors aren’t open, you can’t get through” was how one participant described it. Companies now want to partner with the Bengals — not surprisingly after a Super Bowl run — and that has created opportunities elsewhere.

According to another person involved, it’s not like the deal would be abandoned if Burrow didn’t ask for an extension. But they have definitely bent over and embraced it all.

Cincy hasn’t been a low-spending team recently and the last two seasons of free agency speak to that. That deadline was a window for their QB to go through without having to worry about a long-term deal.

A few weeks ago, Burrow was asked about winning within this window.

“The window is my whole career,” he said he said.

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