Trail Blazers poll: Worth trading for OG Anunoby and John Collins?

Trail Blazers poll: Worth trading for OG Anunoby and John Collins?

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New players keep popping up on the trade market for the Portland Trail Blazers to keep an eye on heading into the 2022-23 season. NBA trade deadline approaches So, Blazers faithful, which free agent should be a high priority before February 9th?

Portland is in dire need of long players who can squeeze every last drop of their physical gifts defending at a high level.

Damian Lillard had his highest level of success with two-way forwards Al-Farouq Aminu and Maurice Harkless, both 6-foot-9, in the frontcourt. They made a valiant push to the 2019 Western Conference Finals behind a stellar offense and remarkable defense.

However, Lillard hasn’t enjoyed certain luxuries that come with a championship-level team. Since the 1976 NBA/ABA merger, only five NBA champions: the Cleveland Cavaliers (2016), Miami Heat (2006), Houston Rockets (1995), Boston Celtics (1981) and Washington Bullets (1978) – won the Larry O’Brien Trophy without a single defensive player named in those seasons.

However, each of those teams had at least one key player who received these honors multiple times in their careers prior to their championship season, except for the ’81 Celtics. Dame has never had a teammate with such illustrious career honors.

And Anunoby of the Toronto Raptors is a viable option that could change this trend. Leads the league with 2.1 steals per game. He’s a great defender of the ball, providing more volume and efficient scoring and length than starting small forward Josh Hart.

When contesting, Anunoby is holding shooters to 43.8 percent shooting from the field. Hart allows a 50.3 percent connection rate from the floor when he raises his hand.

John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks just two full seasons removed from a double-double of 21.6 points, 10.1 rebounds in a season in which he shot 58 percent from the field, 40 percent from distance and 80 percent from the charity band.

In a down year, Collins is still producing roughly 13 points and eight boards, serving as a dynamic, mid-range, three-point shooting threat in the pick-and-roll along with fundamental defensive skills. He blocks 1.3 shots per game, tied for No. 12 in the NBA, and has the foot speed to switch 1-5 when needed.

Cleveland Cavaliers backup small forward Caris LeVert has been floating his name around in recent days. Throughout his formative years in the NBA, many pundits touted LeVert as a future rising star. Finding himself in and out of the starting lineup with the Cavs, LeVert has the ability to go forward with the ability to help the Blazers’ second unit make plays and defend well.

Finally, Naz Reid of the The Minnesota Timberwolves is one of the most underrated players in the NBA today. Reid spaces the floor well and is one of four players in the NBA averaging double figures in scoring while playing less than 20 minutes a night. Cut from Jusuf Nurkic, Reid offers a soft touch around the rim, competent cutting skills for a center and the right hands to go with under-the-radar defensive efforts.

So let us know which of these players, if any, should get a serious look from Blazers management.

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