How a Kansas City Football Superfan Ended Up in a Cage in a Wolf Costume

How a Kansas City Football Superfan Ended Up in a Cage in a Wolf Costume

In Utah, police said Babudar stole spoon holders and snack bags from Target, and in another case he changed the price tags on a curtain and then tried to get a full refund. Arrest warrants are still active in both cases. He also pleaded guilty to petty crimes in Kansas and Missouri. In Champlin, Minnesota, he was fined $300 for driving without a license.

His license plate read “KCC4EVR”.

Babudar had more than a dozen encounters with police that did not result in an arrest.

At least eight times in 2016 and 2017, police in Overland Park, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City, had contact with Babudar. He was mostly in a parked car with his mother and brother late at night, and a business owner found their presence suspicious. Other times, they used a hotel lobby or pool, even if they weren’t in the hotel.

In police records obtained by The Times, Xaviar is described as a “jumper” who “floats from hotel to hotel.” The Babudars are “known homeless subjects” and “known to carjack at night,” although none of the Babudars have been convicted of car theft in Kansas.

In dozens of court documents and police reports spanning a decade, Babudar listed only one address, a Mail & Copy Plus office in Overland Park.

Many of Babudar’s encounters with police occurred when he said online that he attended Kansas State University, a two-hour drive from Kansas City, in Manhattan, Kan. The university said it had no record of Babudar ever attending.

Sometime in late 2017 and into 2018, Babudar’s fortunes seem to have changed. He worked in an Amazon warehouse for nine months, the company confirmed, and his contact with the police and arrests were dramatically reduced. Soon, his identity as Chiefsaholic was revealed. He first appeared on Instagram in August 2018, posting a meme about the SpongeBob Pants team. The next month, for the first time, he posted a photo wolf in disguise

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