The Magic are figuring out what it takes

The Magic are figuring out what it takes

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Orlando Magic rookie and No. 1 overall draft pick Paolo Banchero is journaling with The Associated Press this season to chronicle his first year in the NBA. This is his third installment. The Magic had the worst record in the league through the first 25 games of his rookie campaign, then won 14 of his next 25. He is averaging 20.5 points and 6.3 bounces.)

Everything started to get better when we started getting healthy.

We went 5-20 in our first 25 games, then 14-11 in the next 25 games, and a lot of that was about health. Getting Markelle Fultz back was a big help. And many other guys have become healthier. But I think when we got some wins and saw how we were winning, we realized we could keep it going.

Obviously, you need to have a certain level of focus to do this. But we saw in our six-game winning streak, the teams we were beating and the way we were beating them, that it wasn’t a fluke. I think that motivated us and still motivates us. We have places we want to get to and we have to stay focused. But everything changed when we got the guys healthy, saw what we needed to be and how well we played together.

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