Trent Williams isn’t ruling out retirement — it’s getting pretty tough

Trent Williams isn’t ruling out retirement — it’s getting pretty tough

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49ers left tackle Trent Williams he wore an orthopedic boot on his left foot and used crutches on Tuesday. He described the injury as “very minor”.

The season, however, took a toll on Williams, who would not guarantee a return when asked if he was considering retirement.

It’s a long season” Williams said, via Eric Branch Chronicle of San Francisco. “And to have two long seasons in a row, it becomes quite tiring for a 34-year-old boy like me. I will be 35 years old [2023] the season begins You think about what it’s like after football. I’ve done it every year of my life since second grade.

“You get to that age, especially at the end of the year like this, it was just as tiring as it was tiring. And still not where you want to be. I understand You get to that age. But, to be honest, I’m taking a day off, and we’ll see how it goes.’

Williams signed a six-year, $138 million contract in 2021 and will earn $39.45 million in base salary over the next two seasons. He remains at the top of his game, having made All-Pro the past two seasons.

But Williams, a 12-year veteran, admitted he is carrying the grind of a season.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say it,” Williams said. “Yes Yes. It’s not hard to get up for the NFC Championship [Game], or playoffs or something like that. But, yes, the daily life is quite superfluous [after] doing it for a long time

“But I am blessed. I’m lucky to have played this game as long as I did. And whatever God has for me in the future, I know I will have it. But to answer your question, yes, it’s almost like a replay.

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