MLB series to watch for the 2023 season

MLB series to watch for the 2023 season

Of all the changes in Major League Baseball this season, the bigger bases, the defensive lineup changes, the pitch timer, the one that may have the most practical effect on the everyday fan is the simplest: The schedule is changing. For the first time, every team will play every other team at least once this season.

As we head into spring training and start really digging into the details of the new season, we thought it might be fun to look at each team’s schedule and pick a specific can’t-miss series. Maybe it’s a key late-season showdown with a rival, maybe it’s a unique venue, maybe it’s the first chance to see a player who’s never been in town before. But it is the series of the year.

What is the can’t-miss series for each team? Here are our best bets.

(Note: With the exception of a trio of neutral site selections: the Mexico City Series, the London Series and the Little League Classic, all series here are home for the team listed.)

Blue Jays: July 18-20 vs. Padres

Don’t you fancy one of these World Series fashion choices? How much fun would a Blue Jays-Padres World Series be? This would be the Padres’ first trip to Toronto since 2019, and it’s fair to say that both teams have changed a lot since then.

Orioles: Aug. 4-6 vs. Mets

The Buck Showalter era in Baltimore ended with that nightmarish 47-115 record in 2018. Both Showalter and the Orioles are in much better places than they were then, and Showalter returns to Camden Yards for the first time since then with its drama forever. Foods

Rays: March 30-April 2 vs. Tigers

Can you believe that rays have been around for 25 years? They have! Their first game was against the Tigers, and they will host Detroit as they begin their 25th season.

Red Sox: May 12-14 vs. Cardinals

A Mother’s Day weekend, with the only team the Red Sox have ever beaten at home to win a World Series. In the 10-year anniversary season, no less.

Yankees: March 30-April 2 vs. Giants

Nothing will show the difference in the new schedule more than the old intra-city rivals playing at Yankee Stadium to start the season. Also, Aaron Judge will face the team he was reportedly close to signing with, but will be wearing pinstripes on Opening Day.

Guardians: Aug. 22-24 vs. Dodgers

The Guardians are considered contenders this year, and why wouldn’t they be — they almost made it to the AL Championship Series, after all. There’s no better team to evaluate as a contender than the Dodgers, who will visit Cleveland just as the stretch run really begins.

Royals: Aug. 1-3 vs. Mets

It’s never fun to relive the glory of 2015, and with the Mets coming to town in August, they’re sure to bring all those World Series memories with them. They won’t be bringing back any players who played in that series, though: With Jacob deGrom now in Texas, no one from the ’15 Mets remains on the roster, though Salvador Perez remains strong for the Royals.

Tigers: July 21-23 vs. Padres

Sure, the Padres are a fun draw anyway, but you can’t help but think of the Tigers’ last title, in 1984, a five-game victory over Tony Gwynn’s team, every time San Diego reaches the city

Twins: Sept. 8-10 vs. Mets

Minnesota prevailed in the Carlos Correa sweepstakes, setting up a late-season showdown between the superstar shortstop and the team he was almost a part of. And here’s a wild fact from The Athletic’s Aaron Gleeman: The Twins play more games against National League teams in the second half of the season than they do against AL Central foes.

White Sox: Sept. 29-Oct. 1 against Pares

The final series of the year for a team that very much plans to contend in 2023 is at home against the Padres…and former shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr.!

Angels: July 14-16 vs. Astros

This is the first series after the All-Star break, and we’ll surely know by then whether or not the Angels are in the pennant chase… or about to start fielding some trade offers.

Astros: April 28-30 vs. Phillies

World Series Rematch! This doesn’t happen very often, but I guess it will happen every year from now on. The Astros also hosted the Phillies in late 2022; it’s where the Phillies clinched their postseason berth.

Athletics: Sept. 15-17 vs. Padres

If the A’s couldn’t say goodbye to Bob Melvin after the 2021 season, this will be their first real chance to do so.

Mariners: Sept. 15-17 vs. Dodgers

The Dodgers have made fewer trips to Seattle than you might think, but these games, with Julio Rodriguez and company, feel more titanic than before.

Rangers: July 21-23 vs. Dodgers

For the first time, the Dodgers can return to the stadium where they won the 2020 World Series.

Braves: April 21-23 vs. Astros

The Braves welcome back the team they beat to win the 2021 World Series, in case you forgot that happened.

Marlins: Aug. 11-13 vs. Yankees

You can never go wrong with a weekend series at home against the Yankees.

Mets: Aug. 28-30 vs. Rangers

Will he line up where they end up facing deGrom?

Nationals: Aug. 20 vs. Phillies

Technically, this is a home game, although it will be better known as the Little League Classic in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Phillies: Aug. 28-30 vs. Angels

Mike Trout will be making a trip back home … just a couple of weeks before his beloved Eagles start the season.

Brewers: Aug. 25-27 vs. Padres

The Brewers may be vaguely familiar with the Padres’ lefty closer.

Cardinals: June 24-25 vs. Cubs

It’s a special season when you play in London against your hated rivals.

Cubs: June 24-25 at Cardinals

Pirates: Sept. 15-17 vs. Yankees

The Pirates are home to Roberto Clemente Day, and they get to host the Yankees in what will be an iconic series this weekend.

Reds: May 19-21 vs. Yankees

It sure looks like Joey Votto is going to do something special on social media to have the Yankees in town, doesn’t it?

D-backs: April 6-9 vs. Dodgers

Arizona, incredibly, plays eight of its first 10 games against Los Angeles, including a four-game home opener. We’ll know very quickly if the D-backs can hang with the big dogs.

Dodgers: June 2-4 vs. Yankees

Two signature baseball franchises and perennial powerhouses in a weekend series sure to dominate the headlines.

Giants: September 29-October. 1 against the Dodgers

Will the Giants stay in the race going into the final weekend? If they are, this series could be the best yet with three games to play.

Parents: April 28-29 against Giants

It’s been four years since the last series in Mexico, but these two teams will play in Mexico City at the end of the first full month of the season.

Rockies: June 23-25 ​​vs. Angels

Shohei Ohtani and Trout at Coors Field? Yes please.

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