Will the Raiders go from Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers?

Will the Raiders go from Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers?

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The Raiders have made it clear they will pass on the quarterback Derek Carr. That means they will need a quarterback to move.

Many thought they would run Tom BradyGiven coach Josh McDaniels’ familiarity with Brady from their many years together in New England.

A source with knowledge of the dynamic with the Raiders told PFT after Wednesday’s news that the Raiders were “absolutely” counting on Brady being available. And with Brady out of the game, the source announced that they will now try to secure the services of the services Aaron Rodgers.

However, there is not much optimism that they will succeed. First, he has to decide to leave the Packers (which actually means taking the hint that they want to leave). Second, he’d probably be more inclined to hook up with Nathaniel Hackett — the Jets’ new offensive coordinator — if he leaves than to turn the wheel on Patriot Way West.

Former Packers teammate Danvante Adams he seems to think it’s doable. He responded to a question on Thursday morning about the exact location of Mr. Rodgers’ new neighborhood with one word: “Mine“.

Still, Brady being out of the mix should make the pursuit of Rodgers more interesting. Any team that was seriously thinking about trying to get Brady should now seriously think about trying to find a future Hall of Fame quarterback who is more than six years younger.

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