3 tips for sending parcels abroad

International shipments the service is attracting more and more attention from users not only in the world, but also in Lithuania: according to “Omniva LT” data, almost every fifth Lithuanian (16%) sent a package abroad during the last six months. Nevertheless, those who have not yet tried this service may have questions about the shipping time, package dimensions and price.

For those looking for answers to these questions, Justinas Pileckas, Commercial Director of Omniva LT, provides a short memo that will help you prepare for sending a shipment abroad.

1. Estimate the size and weight of the package

Perhaps the most popular way to send parcels abroad is to use postal machines available to everyone. Therefore, the maximum size of the parcel depends on the dimensions and availability of the selected post machine.

According to J. Pilecko, the price of the shipment consists of several factors: package parameters, weight, the country to which or from which it will be sent, and the selected delivery speed. Using “Omniva LT” postal machines, private customers can send parcels up to 64 x 38 x 39 cm in size and weighing up to 30 kilograms abroad. Therefore, before you decide to cheer up, for example, relatives living abroad, measure the size of the package and assess whether it will fit into the delivery point.

“Although a large part of shipments are sent to relatives living abroad, the potential of international shipments also attracts the attention of business representatives. The survey initiated by “Omniva LT” showed that 16 percent Lithuanian residents sending parcels take e. commerce and sells and ships goods to other countries through various e. trading platforms. Therefore, in response to the increased demand for logistics services, we offer all the conditions that meet the needs of business partners: collection of packages of larger size and weight, fast and efficient delivery”, says J. Pileckas.

2. Register the shipment online

“You can send an international shipment with just a few clicks. Initially, “Omniva LT” international shipments on the page summarize the most important shipment data and choose the delivery time that suits your needs. After the system generates an address card, which is sent by e-mail. by post, print it already next to the postage stamp and firmly stick it in a visible place of the package. Remember that after forming the package sticker, you must leave the package at the post office within 14 calendar days, and after the set deadline, the address card becomes inactive,” advises J. Pileckas.

According to the commercial director of “Omniva LT”, the sending procedure is normal – you only need to go to the nearest post office, select the “Send parcel” box on the screen and follow the remaining instructions. The specialist adds that after placing the order, the customer is given a unique tracking number of the shipment, which after entering it on the website, it is possible to see the most relevant information about the shipment in real time: where it is now and when it will reach the addressee.

3. Use the right packaging and filler

High-quality packaging and the filler used ensure that the contents of the package do not break or get damaged. Therefore, in order to avoid situations where the shipment is vulnerable, it is worth using useful recommendations.

“A parcel sent abroad will cover a considerable number of kilometers, so the packaging should be as careful as possible. It is advisable to use transparent adhesive tape and new packaging for packing the parcel, as used ones are not always strong enough. However, if the package looks good and you decide to use it for a second time, check it for any old address cards or barcodes and remove them. In addition, the use of filler material is also recommended and should form a layer of at least 5 cm on the bottom of the box. The most optimal filling material is special granules or bubble wrap, and crumpled paper can also be used for lighter shipments,” notes J. Pileckas.


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