A 61-year-old woman with a 24-year-old lover hopes to have a child together in the near future: commentators are merciless

The unconventional couple has never hidden their desire for children, and this week Cheryl took to social media “Tik Tok” announced that their “surrogacy journey” begins this month. People were quick to comment on the couple’s family plans in the comments section of the video, with one writing: “Just imagine how those two will look at parent-teacher conferences.”

“If I were their child’s school teacher, I would appeal to children’s rights,” said another.

“Poor kid,” reasoned a third.

Y’all say it’s not possible I say it’s happening
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Others couldn’t help but notice the change in Quran’s hair color, it’s obvious that the young man is trying to look at least a little older.

“I’m starting to think he’s being honest… He even dyed his hair to look older,” wrote one commenter.

“Why should he look older?” asked another. A third asked the question: “Did you dye your hair to look more like her?”

Ofc That’s my wife 👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏾💍
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Cheryl, who has had seven children in her lifetime, recently told Closer magazine that she and her new husband plan to spend up to $120,000. pounds for the possibility of conceiving a child together with the help of a surrogate mother.

“He always wanted children and I want to be the mother of his child. Of course, at my age, this is only possible with the help of a surrogate mother or adoption,” she said.

We have a surrogate 😳
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Quran met Cheryl when he was fifteen while working at her son Chris’s fast food restaurant.Dairy Queen” in Rome, Georgia, USA. He found Cheryl, who was working at the cash register at the time, and started dating in 2020, a year later a young guy proposed. That same year, the couple married in Tennessee, with only two of their closest friends present.

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