A California resident is seeking to claim as much as $5 million for this problem. dollar compensation

This is the name given to the phenomenon when the car suddenly starts to brake suddenly neither from this nor from that, as if an obstacle had appeared in its path. Since there is no obstacle, it is like a phantom, which is why this phenomenon was named phantom braking.

A California resident is seeking five million dollars in damages from Tesla. He claims that this is a class action because he is not the only one suffering from this phenomenon. In fact it is, there have been thousands of complaints about this kind of phantom braking. Earlier this year, the US Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating the phenomenon and complaints.

Some time ago it was reported that the owners of Tesla in Norway, united in a separate movement, even threatened to go on a hunger strike. But they’re not blaming Elon Musk, they’re asking for help.

According to them, Norway has the highest number of Tesla cars compared to the number of people, and the problems with Tesla’s poor service have already reached a peak, with Norwegians having no help when their car breaks down, not even Tesla’s help desk.

Most Norwegians complain about winter and suffer from problems that mainly occur during the cold season – cars that don’t want to start in the morning, doors that won’t open, wipers that don’t work, problems with electronics, etc.

And Tesla’s service, which is supposed to help owners, works extremely poorly, often not even answering calls for help.

Dissatisfied Tesla owners in Norway have even created an online portal and invite all car owners who have encountered problems to unite.

However, they do not seek to claim any kind of compensation. This movement seeks to draw the attention of E. Musk so that the owner of Tesla will take measures and fix the mess that Norwegians are suffering from.

And that’s not all of Tesla’s problems. The company has come under fire from the Dawn Project and Dan O’Down Media’s YouTube channel, which posted a video of Tesla cars on Autopilot not paying attention if a child runs into the road and runs them over.

Journalists conducted an experiment during which they simulated that a child suddenly runs out onto the road. The Tesla system did not notice the obstacle and drove over it without even stopping. The experiment was performed three times in a row and the scenario was repeated all three times.

Tesla has demanded the removal of this video from the YouTube channel, claiming that it is defamation, according to Autoblog.

Dan O’Down Media tested the latest Model 3 with the latest autopilot modification. It was clear and not raining during the survey.

However, when driving at 40 km/h. speed, the Tesla never once noticed the child standing in the middle of the street and ran over him, or rather his dummy, without stopping. Engineer Dan O’Dowd is pushing to ban the Autopilot feature in Tesla cars until the manufacturer improves it, as he says the system is dangerous.

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