A. Chmieliauskas: “The tendency that hinders the growth of the organization is that the needs do not match the available competences”

Dr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas, ISM Executive School Innovation and Project Management module teacher.

As organizations develop and expand their fields of activity, the complexity of the problems and projects they solve also increases. Then it is revealed to the Danes that the operational models that served reliably in the past are no longer able to cope with the new complexity dictated by the situation, this, according to Dr. Alfredo Chmieliauskos, lecturer of the Innovation and Project Management module of the ISM Executive School, is one of the most difficult development problems for organizations and managers.

Growth is the natural aspiration of every ambitious business or public sector entity. This trend affects both a small production company of the film industry, which wanted to use the opportunities of international cooperation, and a global biotechnology concern, which decided to supplement its product range with new vaccine components, and an important state agency, to which the government, in response to changes in the political context, gave greater powers. However, I have to face a situation when the needs of the organization do not match the available opportunities. When an engineering company, which previously successfully implemented small construction projects, takes on the role of the general contractor of an infrastructural project carried out by a company, it becomes a huge challenge for its management system and available competences, – says an expert who consults on the company’s project, program and portfolio management issues.

There is a hierarchy of competencies

Dr. A. Chmieliauskas says that there is a natural hierarchy of competencies in project management. One competency is required at the project level, project managers must implement projects on time, well and within budget. Therefore, the answer to the important question is how to make sure that mistakes in one project are not repeated in other projects? it is obviously beyond the competence limit of the project manager. In larger organizations, this is usually the prerogative of a specific department, the PMO (Project Management Office).

When solving even more complex questions: how to optimally allocate resources to all projects carried out by the organization?, how to choose the most useful projects? strategic level project portfolio management competences are required. Modern mega-projects raise an even higher level of project management. project governance) issues of the need for competence. It does not matter at all whether our activities are related to small or large projects. The most important thing is that the needs of operational development are accompanied by the corresponding development of essential competences. Otherwise, the fate of the ancient hero Sisyphus awaits the organizations and their leaders, condemned to silently watch how the stone, almost lifted up the mountain by great efforts, rolls down every time, says Dr. A. Chmieliauskas.

Has technical knowledge, managerial skills are needed

Simonas Barsteiga, head of the CSD ININIERIAI organization, says that the engineer’s training provided him with all the necessary technical skills to handle the area under supervision, but in order to operate maximally successfully, he and his organization needed an ini in the field of project management. He emphasizes that especially in the construction and engineering sectors, where activities are based on project management, there is a great need for an expert with these skills and competencies. Yes, according to Panekov, it is because in many universities professionals in this field are given only technical degrees.

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In the construction and engineering sector, it is necessary to manage large and complex projects. The team is capable of managing the project alone, no matter how complex it may be. However, as the company grows, the number of projects and teams increases, so its competence and maturity level must also increase. We are an export service company, most of our projects are carried out in Germany, Belgium and France, where we face particularly complex projects, deadline management and extremely high quality management. So you will feel the lack, I chose to deepen them ISM Executive School Innovation and project management module. I think that it is impossible to understand any field without project management these days. This is the basis of the foundation, so I am sure that studying at the ISM Executive School was one of my best choices. Every company should take measures to develop the project management competencies of its organization. Then organizations will be considered to continue to grow and manage larger-scale projects – says S. Barsteiga.

other managers also send studies

Innovation and project management module the alumnus says that he is very happy with his studies and appreciates the knowledge he has received. In order to ensure the change, the manager implements the goal of immersing as many company colleagues as possible with project management techniques.

Before studying at the ISM Executive School, it was impossible not to organize the process in our organization. Even now, there is really a lot of room for improvement, because process management is a long journey in a constantly growing organization. I am not a process expert, so after my own study, we will send three more department heads of the organization to improve in the Innovation and Project Management module, and in 2023 we will hire three more project managers to improve our competences. The more people in the organization understand what the company needs, the faster they will make the necessary breakthrough – says S. Barsteiga.

After the module, the organization will be able to develop competences on its own

ISM Executive School Innovation and project management module the goal is to help organizations create sustainable competences and provide all hands so that they are able to develop the skills they need further.

Organizations whose work is based on project activities understand that the improvement of this area is necessary for more successful operation of the company and higher results. Because if projects are stuck, it means that the organization’s goals and the necessary development indicators are unattainable: market share, rent, profit. Innovation and project management module will allow company representatives to create sustainable competences, help to improve project activities within the company and will provide tips and ideas on how to further develop competences independently – says Dr. A. Chmieliauskas.

The innovation and project management module is built on the basis of the maturity levels of the organization, so every leader and expert will find it necessary. At the beginning of the study, in the lecture, the participants delve into the specifics of one project management, later they get acquainted with several features of project management, and finally they delve into the content of the project portfolio, critical chain and PMO. Managers in the Innovation and project management module will learn how to find a suitable strategy, method and culturally appropriate project management method for the organization. For the selected module, a research work is waiting for a consulting project aimed at improving the design activities of organizations.

By the end of the module, study participants will be able to accurately assess the project management abilities of any organization and will begin to develop those abilities according to the organization’s strategic needs. After the module, an organization with design activity problems will be able to solve them independently, – adds Dr. A. Chmieliauskas.

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