A former Ukrainian general suspected of treason may receive asylum in Russia

According to information received, on June 7 A. Naumov, the former head of the Main Board of Internal Security of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was arrested in Serbia for smuggling undeclared jewels and faces up to 12 years in prison.

In Ukraine, he is suspected of treason. “While serving as the head of a state-owned company that ensures the operation of the Chernobyl NPP exclusion zone, and later in a leadership position in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he collected information about the functioning of the Chernobyl NPP exclusion zone security systems,” the State Investigation Bureau of Ukraine said in a statement.

According to The Insider, Russia is ready to grant A. Naumov asylum in exchange for his testimony against Volodymyr Zelensky. Because it is said that Russia wants to organize a trial of the President of Ukraine.

In this process, the former Ukrainian general should state that he is “V. On Zelensky’s order, the genocide of the peaceful inhabitants of Donbas was carried out.”

March 31 V. Zelensky reported that two Ukrainian generals were stripped of their ranks because it turned out that they were traitors. It was A. Naumov and Sergiy Krivoruchka, the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Kherson region.

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