A Lithuanian advises to be careful in a country popular with tourists: the fines here are such that even the strongest person will shed a tear of pain

If you don’t like football, don’t be too quick to stop reading. This story will not be about him. This story will be about a state that, with a population barely larger than the city of Kaunas, managed to overcome super difficult selections and get to the World Football Championship. I’m talking about Iceland, the smallest country in the world to ever qualify for the World Cup. For those who do not understand the strength of this feat, I will say that even for the football powerhouses to get to this football fiesta, especially from the European selection, it is hellishly difficult and I will compare that it could be something similar if Lithuanian footballers got to the world football championship. Or if the Lithuanians made a spacecraft and flew to Mars. Or Minedas would become the president of Lithuania. Or, Russian soldiers breaking into a Ukrainian apartment and seeing a washing machine in it, would simply wash their clothes and leave without stealing anything.

In a word, the Icelanders did it and earned the sympathy and envy of millions of people. This is an example of how with great desire and effort you can achieve things that seem impossible. It’s true, I’m not talking about the upcoming World Cup, but about the past one. The message is in it Iceland did not do anything impressive, but the participation itself was already beyond the limit of all possibilities. Let me remind you that only 350 thousand people live in Iceland.

I’ve told you before how a tiny island somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic brought good to the world during the horrors of World War II. The good did not end when the war ended. After him, the country rushed even more furiously towards the fullness of life. People from rural areas began to move to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, which was a small town until recently, in search of employment, because the growing city was increasingly lacking not only physical, but also intellectual labor. In a relatively short time from a rural-type settlement Reykjavik became a modern European city. in 1986 Reykjavík was the place where US President Reagan and the newly minted, criminal USSR President Gorbachev decided that maybe it was time to end the Cold War because the Soviet Union could no longer survive. Who knows, maybe very soon the presidents of the USA, Ukraine and Russia (the one who will come after Putin’s death) will meet in the capital of Iceland and sign an act by which the Russian hordes will oblige forever to forget not only the territories of Ukraine, but also the territories of other neighboring states, and Ukraine itself immediately after that will be accepted into NATO. Unreal, you think? And I think that it is much more real than it seems today.

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