A nuclear weapon is the most dangerous for Russia itself? 5 things that can go ‘wrong’

Since the beginning of the invasion, he has had to repeatedly talk about the possibility of using Russian nuclear weapons. Now that the Ukrainian soldiers are liberating more and more territories, it can be predicted that the Russians will again talk more often about the use of nuclear weapons.

Not so long ago, Vladimir Putin gave an order to test the readiness of the nuclear triad, but, as A. Kovalenko notes, the results of the tests did not make him happy then. The fact is that Russian nuclear weapons are dangerous inside Russia itself.

The truth is that any ICBM deployment by Russia could end as soon as it begins—the risk of disaster is very high at all five stages. The following can happen:

  • failure in the shaft;
  • rocket explosion in the shaft or shortly after launch;
  • rocket explosion in Russian airspace;
  • the fall of the missile on the territory of Russia due to an engine failure with possible detonation;

achieving the target but without detonating the nuclear warhead. A. Kovalenko believes that North Korea’s missiles are more reliable than Russian missiles simply because they are newer. Looking at Russia’s military hardware, it seems that a nuclear-armed missile detonating in Russia is more likely than destroying the intended targets.

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