A peace agreement is impossible: Podoliak identified Russia’s real goal in Ukraine

“A grand agreement on war and peace is impossible because Russia is not interested in it. Kremlin believes that Ukraine should be wiped off the face of the earth by military means. They also intend to deal with issues with Moldova, Georgia and Kazakhstan. They want to dictate the rules of the game for Europe. There is no peace in these plans,” he said.

“Yes, Russia wants peace talks. However, this is not a sincere offer, but a trap. Because it is not about ending the war, but about strengthening our positions. It wants to consolidate its territorial achievements while it is at the peak of its military capabilities,” M. Podoliakas added.

He noted that for the same purpose, Russia is organizing European energy blackmail, hoping that gas shortages in the event of a harsh winter will support Ukraine.

“Suppose Ukraine agrees and sits at the negotiating table with Russia. There is a truce. Russia then issues an ultimatum: Ukraine must recognize the existing front line as the new border. We certainly do not agree with the annexation of four of our provinces. The fight resumes. Then Russian propaganda Spreading the message in Europe: look, “the war is over, but Ukraine is attacking again.” They make us the initiators of a new phase of the war,” explained M. Podoliaks.

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