A Putin ally sparked outrage when he “posed for selfies” next to the Queen’s coffin

In the solemn 1000-year-old building where he rested United Kingdom beloved dead queen, there are strict rules prohibiting the use of any cameras.

Those who enter the great hall at a specific time to pay their last respects are given a briefing beforehand outlining the rules.

Footage shows the president – an ally of bloody dictator Vladimir Putin – being ushered into Westminster Hall with his entourage shortly before 8am. in the morning and is taken to the VIP alley, which offers a view of the monarch’s coffin.

Footage captured the moment Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturian, a close associate of Putin, was photographed by an aide next to a flag-draped English oak coffin.

It is reported that the employees of the hall were left outraged by this incident.

Mr Taylor, 76, from Bexley, Kent, said: “It was very, very disrespectful. In my opinion, this is completely unforgivable. He should be ashamed. Let’s hope he shows more respect if he goes to the funeral.”

Andrew Kerslake, 52, was also outraged: “It’s just horrible.”

Netizens who saw the moments of the unauthorized “photo session” also did not hide their disappointment at the disrespect shown in such a sensitive moment.

Funeral moments:

Funeral Day in London:

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