A straight path to the bin: Doing these innocent things can ruin your creams, make-up and perfumes

Choosing the right skin care and decorative cosmetics and perfumes for yourself is no small task. However, not only what we use, but also how we use it and where we keep it all is equally important for a quality result. Seemingly innocent mistakes – which, by the way, are common to most of us – can change the consistency, color or smell of the products we have, which is a straight path to the trash can. Making these mistakes can halve the validity of the measures. So how do you avoid it?

The validity is halved

It’s no secret that many of us tend to keep skin care products and cosmetics in the bathroom. The problem is that the bathroom is a room with little or no ventilation and a high heat/humidity ratio, which is a knife for our cosmetics and skin care products.

After the “Face the Future” clinic surveyed two thousand respondents, it turned out that almost two-thirds of them keep their beauty care products in the bathroom. Kimberley Hulme, the manager of this clinic, said that it is not surprising that the products are kept where it is most convenient to take them. And yet, she says, “people would be shocked to learn that . . .

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