A study has revealed what can help a stressed dog

According to new research from Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science, classical music can help calm a dog when its owner leaves the house and reduce separation anxiety. However, not all recordings will help puppies de-stress – a study shows that audio books do not help and have no effect on a dog’s mental state.

The researchers played Mozart’s Sonata in D for Two Pianos and the audiobook Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to 82 dogs in the study to test whether the music or the story was more calming. They also allowed the dogs in the control group to sit in silence when their owner left for a short time. They then observed their behavior during each trial.

Although the dogs remained calm at first, the researchers found that the small concert was more calming than the story.

“Dogs exposed to classical music laid down significantly faster than animals exposed to an audiobook,” the researchers noted.

Although the dogs who listened to the audiobook recovered after hearing the speaker speak, the researchers found that just listening to the speaker’s voice did not reduce the short-term stress experienced by the dogs after being separated from their owners.

“Overall, the results show only a moderate calming effect of classical music and no apparent benefit of the audiobook on the well-being of dogs separated from their owners,” the paper explains.

“Research suggests that auditory stimulation has little benefit for dogs in short-term acute stress situations,” the researchers noted.

Anxious puppies are a constant problem for pet owners. Separate researchers from Seoul National University in South Korea in 2016 findings showed that separation anxiety in young dogs accounts for 10-20%. behavioral cases, and up to 50 percent of older ones.

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