A technical failure in the European Championships condemned the favorite to complete solitude

The Frenchman, who showed the best result in the selection the day before (1 min. 56.70 sec.), stopped in the semi-finals before swimming even a dozen meters.

It turns out that Y. Ndoye Brouard was stopped at the start by a broken support of the starting tower, from which backstroke specialists start the competition.

While the competitors were moving away, the swimmer turned back and pointed to the judges with the finger of the part stuck in his leg.

The athlete was heard: the judges later admitted that he had no chance to start normally through no fault of his own.

However, Y. Ndoye Brouard had to wait more than an hour and after all the other events of the day had finished to cover the distance alone.

This he did in 1 min. 56.39 sec. Such a result guaranteed the second place in the overall standings – only Swiss representative Roman Mitiukov was faster (1 min. 56.22 sec.).

So, despite the stress experienced, Y. Ndoye Brouard will have a good chance to add to his medal collection in the final on Saturday, which so far only includes the European Championship bronze won last year at half the shorter distance.

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